Thank You, Iamamiwhoami!!!


I think I just watched the most amazing thing in the history of music: the final development of the Iamamiwhoami saga. How should we call it? What should we call it? The epitome of creativity would be too small of a name.

This truly left me speechless. THANK YOU, IAMAMIWHOAMI, for sharing this part of your twisted creative minds with me, minds which I have loved from the beginning of this campaign! Thank you so much for offering this artistic spectacle willingly and for free. Your hearts beat in music. This only tells me about your REAL intentions and believe me, my friends, you HAVE TOUCHED THE CONCERNED and have forever changed their view upon what ART can be all about.

This historical display of complex imagery was amazing to watch. To see all those little things we thought about materialized in this final video, carefully crafted by ingenious hands and sprinkled with a little bit of humor by inquisitive minds, to see how every fear we had during this campaign burned, simply burned its way into our hearts as we were watching… That is art! That is the power of imagination and creativity and that is what is going to save us from the danger of… becoming empty cardboard boxes. Those who have ears to listen will understand.

Jonna Lee, you have been beautiful! You have touched my heart in a way in which only the accomplishment of creativity does. You have evolved, I’ve seen it and I hope the concerned have seen it too.

SUTS, thank you too! I do not know the level of involvement you have in this campaign, but you are part of it now and I thank you for representing us well. You know better what this has meant to you and the way in which it has changed you.

That’s about it for now. It won’t end though. Impressions on this footage are to come in the next two days.

Until then, see you soon!

Comments (4)

“That is the power of imagination and creativity and that is what is going to save us from the danger of… becoming empty cardboard boxes.”

You took the words right out of my mind!

Good, Gui, good, then we are in concert ;)

I echo everything you said. Honestly, I can’t fully put into words how I feel about all this. Beautiful is the most obvious.

I don’t know if you’ve written about it yet, but what are your thoughts on SUTS symbolizing the iam community? I feel like they’re trying to make a point, like, destroying the boundary between artist and fan? I mean for that night, SUTS became a PART of the art. His whole journey, the dancing, the whole spectacle he witnessed and was a part of, it’s like bridging a gap between reality and fantasy, aswell as fan/artist.

Maybe I’m on the wrong track here and completely nuts, lol, but I’d love to hear others thoughts on this.

@Kev read my last article, mI’m expressing my opinion on the ‘concert’
When you have time, give other articles a read as well. To answer your question, Volunteer article. Yes, he does represent community.

Thank you, appreciate it!

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