And the Biggest Mass Killer in the World Is…


Category : Food for Thought

…terrorism? Terrorism tells its own sad story but it is definitely not the world’s the biggest threat. The Holocaust? Many were killed, but this was not the world’s biggest threat either. The atomic bomb? Wrong again, even if the effects were disastrous. Believe it or not, smoking is the biggest mass killer in the world, and apparently, the world doesn’t mind that! More than 1,19 billion people have died from smoking related diseases since 1970. We count 6,786 billion today, you do the math!

After trying to make people stop smoking by printing textual warning messages on cigarette packs, some results appeared, but only where education and technology allowed individuals to get informed about the danger they are exposing themselves to. UK has achieved an astonishing quitting rate, as 40% of the smoking population has quit smoking in 10 years. But that was hard work!

For other countries, researchers have applied the fear factor technique and printed disturbing images of different smoking effects on the human body. In this way, people who could not read could get the message as well. I really like the “Every cigarette is doing you damage” campaign. This is a comprehensive video about it:

According to recent researches, smoking cuts out 10 years of your life. Are you ready to give up on them?

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