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Mom is a teacher. I am a teacher too. When mom is busy, I take her place and cover for an hour or two. Only problem is I teach 17 yrs old and up, mom is teaching 7-11. So I took her place today for an hour, stood with the kiddies. They were supposed to write a composition.

While I was walking among the desks, to see how kiddies are doing, I was correcting some of them, telling them to replace certain words, or making them aware of their misspells etc. In the first bench on the left… a little young lady, dressed in pink jeans and a pink t-shirt with blue-ish flowers. Hmmm… Ok… Let me see what she’s all about I say to meself. I get closer and look over her shoulder. Maaan, her notebook was a mess! With scratches and a lot of ink and… just imagine a war going on in there! She was writing three words, she was changing her mind, hewing the hell out of that notebook.

What’s your name? I ask

Eveline. she answers and scribbles another freakin’ word.

Eveline, you’re supposed to write in a more pleasant manner. This is your classroom notebook, you must have a neat writing. 

Yes, I know.

Well, in this case, try it. You’re scribbling a lot. Don’t you have a proof reader? Proof read your mistake, don’t scribble it.

I am not allowed to use a proof reader.

Who’s not allowing you?

My daddy says that people who use proof readers are stupid.

At that very moment, an entire classroom of professional proof reader users and a previous one (me!!!)  remained mute, the kiddies looking at me, perplexed, and I, looking at them, stopping myself from bursting into this hideous laughter! Shit… I so restrained myself from strangling lil’ Eveline, who just scribbled another one in the meantime, when I realized she had no fault. Her daddy just confused things or took them to an extreme. It’s true that kids must not be taught to OVERUSE proofreaders, but it’s definitely not an option to let your kid have a notebook full of ink poopies and slaughtered words, aye, DADDY?

Bad Karma

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Category : Lifestyle

Something must be wrong. Somebody wants my mouth shut (*coughs* Megan Fox!) because my morning started very weird. I brushed my teeth with liquid soap and thought it was alright until bubbles level started to get above toothpaste ordinary bubbles level! No taste in me mouth either. Familiar pattern. No, no, no, no, noooo!

Meh… idiotic thoughts! I’m fine, I’m fine! I just woke up early on a Saturday morning! The short arms and legs of fairness!

I didn’t sleep because I thought and thought about what to do with this new prodigy. I decided to let it die, as usual. If you let things die, they either die in silence or in massive outburst but they eventually die. Unlike letting them live… trying to maintain them alive by all means towards a useless purpose.

No worries, the next post appears in one minute!

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