Jumper Review


Category : Music and Movies

I waited for so long to see this movie and, yeah…disappointment, as usual….The guys that made the trailer…they are veeery good, but then again that’s what they are paid for – to make people believe they’re about to see an astonishing story. Well…special effects, 8 out of 10, distribution – 7 out of 10 (sorry, you can’t save a movie with just one good or famous actor in it), story…6 out of 10…the writers must have been drunk or something to ruin a script like that. But what script? The story is so simple and broken at times it resembles my everyday visit to the market. Zooooryyyyy!!!! White ball? Hayden Christensen is hot.

Here’s the Jumper trailer. Careful…it is better than the movie itself! Doing!

One Sheet of Paper Job


Category : Interesting Facts

So I received an e-mail today….from one of my bosses (yes, I have more than one bosses…when you’re “small” you tend to be richer from that point of view), but it was actually interesting. It is about a contest which took place in I dunno which country (he didn’t know either :P ). The contestants were supposed to create a piece of art, having only one sheet of white paper to use. Personally I think some of the results were outstanding. Have a look!

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