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Hey guys,

Time for another article in the Romanians in the world series. This time, Costel Busuioc. Bare with me and you’ll find out.

But first, I really don’t know how to write about his story without showing discontent with the way Romania “knows how” to make the best out of its values. I am ashamed, but I am proud in the same time, that this guy made it.

Costel Busuioc is the winner of a very famous Spanish TV show, called Hijos de Babel. Not so long ago, Costel was only a bricklayer who immigrated towards Spain in order to make money to take care for his family. What you don’t know about him is that he has a special gift. His voice, the instrument which got him the biggest prize in the above mentioned contest. He is compared with the great Pavarotti, so…imagine. Something else you don’t know is that he tried to develop his gift in Romania, but he was rejected by the educational system because he didn’t even go to high school. Also, he tried to get sponsorship to take some special courses but there was no one to look at him at that time…the simple builder.

So he took the road towards Spain and worked his ass off to make money, until somebody told him he should participate at Hijos de Babel.

Now that he has won this contest, all Romanian televisions speak about him, and the people who once rejected him, now want him to come to Romania and take the Conservatory courses (hey, what about high school, biatches?), the offer him scholarships and so on and so forth.

See this is why all the other countries in the world are way beyond us, because the “right” people don’t recognize value when they see it. That’s why youngsters take the road towards other countries, because there, be it America, be it England, their work and talent and natural gifts are appreciated and awarded!!!

Josiah Leming – To Run – Ellen Degeneres


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I like this kid too much and I couldn’t miss the day he appeared as special guest on Ellen Degeneres’ show. He came, he sang, and he got some presents too. I told you, Josiah, I told you! I’m watching you, can you tell? Way to go, Ellen, for promoting the real thing! Video here. Enjoy!

I showed up at her door
no gifts or explanations for
the way that i’ve been acting
for the time just kept on passing
i tried to kiss her lips
she said lets put an end to this
a simple overreaction
it sent my head into a backspin
i dont know where to run
to run

she was a teenage girl
i made sure to promise her the world
spent money fast as lightning
anything just to keep her smiling
my voice was all she heard
sentences filled with empty words
i thought i was so clever
i never knew that our line would sever
i dont know where to run
ohhh ohhh
i dont know where to run
ohhh ohhh
i have nowhere to run

i wake up on the floor
my head replays that closing door
my heart wont stop rewinding
inside clocks all out of timing
she starts to disappear
there’ll be no turning back from here
when all is said and done
and i begin to run

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