8 Flies on a Pile of Shit


Category : Food for Thought, Funny Things, Lifestyle

It’s a metaphor. And it is meant to embody the image I encountered today, as I was walking to work.

I work next to some high school. Were I to pay attention to details every time I pass next to it, I would be amazed every day. Smoking is not allowed inside this high school, right? So the kids get out and gather in front of the institution and smoke. Problem is, they’re between 15 and 18.

Whatever, my problem now is not the smoking thing, they choose whether they die sooner or not. What do my eyes see today? 8 a.m.. A group of nine, a 15 yrs old girl and 8 boys about the same age. The girl was sitting in the middle of the group, skirt up to her ass, long stalkings, some blouse with a very deep cleavage, tons of make up, and, of course, cigarette in her right hand, puffing from time to time, nose up, rolling her eyes while delicately chewing on some pink bubblegum. The boys, half emo, half macho, none man enough, of course, all surrounding the “woman”, one hand in their pockets (probably to make the area look bigger, who knows), the other occupied with a cigarette, spitting from time to time, all of them freezing their asses off (the girl the most), all of them giving the others the “competing” look…”She’s mine! I get to honk her horn first!”.

Mkey….nothing against the human natural instinct of procreation but I’ve compared the image to two things: dog mating season and 8 flies on a pile of shit. I’ve decided the second one is more expressive.

Nim’s Island (2008)


Category : Music and Movies

Wow, this movie is supposed to be for kids and all, as it is almost a fairy tale, but believe me, I enjoyed watching it to the fullest! I would have never thought Jodie Foster can be SO FUNNY!!! I laughed my ass off, so cool!

Long story short: a scientist (Gerard Butler – hot alarm!) lives with his daughter Nim (Abigail Breslin) on a hidden island in the middle of the Pacific ocean, after his wife dies. While he’s spending all his time searching for a rare species of protozoa, Nim is spending her time reading stories, educating herself from books and playing with her faithful animal friends. Her favorite adventure character is Alex Rover, who happens to be the creation of Alexandra Rover (Foster’s character). Anything can happen on Nim’s Island, a magical place ruled by a young girl’s imagination. It is an existence that mirrors that of her favorite literary character. But Alexandra leads a reclusive life in the big city. When Nim’s father goes missing from their island, a twist of fate brings her together with Alexandra. Ok, that’s it, you’ll have to watch it yourself to enjoy the whole thing!

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