Romanian Literature/Grammar Classes-HS Memories


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Remember our last Romanian teacher? Cum o porecleam noi pe aia (what names did we call her)? ‘Slinoasa’?…am uitat…ceva de genu…

Anywho, we had a great Romanian teacher in HS for about 4 yrs – she was hardcore, but great teacher – but one day, in our last yr, here comes this much younger and really ennoying Romanian wanna-be teacher. My God, was she the laugh and joke of all of us…bai frate, da’ ce aere avea…numai palme sa-i dai! 

How Dari Learnt History – High School Memories


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Cool, this is a new series on our blog and I dare you, Aleera, to remember as many funny or interesting things in high school as you can!

Today, how I learnt history during high school, whether I wanted or not.

It’s quite simple, our teacher was also our high school tutor and I…well…I was NOT one of the behaved students. Heheh! There was this time, I went out with one of my friends to run in order to get ready and fit for the Physical Education Baccalaureate examination. I put my hood on, as the weather was rainy, and started running through the city, to get to the place I was supposed to meet my friend. As I was running, I passed by the History teacher, whom I didn’t notice. Next day, he made me go in front of the classroom and he made a fool out of me, saying that I’m bad behaved and I don’t salute the oldsters, especially when they’re my teachers. I told him: “I’m sorry, I didn’t notice you. It won’t happen again!”.

After one week, I was walking towards school, eating some apple pie – my mouth full and all – and all of a sudden, there’s the history teacher in front of me. I realized that if I saluted him with my mouth full, it would definitely be disrespectful. Therefore, I let my chin down, in order to nod or something. As I was trying to hide my mouth full of apple pie, he passed by me and hit me with his umbrella, right on my ass, saying “Did you notice me now?”. Next History class, I was in front of the classroom, speaking the lesson out. And the next History class as well, and the next next History class as well and so on and so forth.

LE: No, I’m not a History expert now!

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