How I (almost) Became a Junkie


Category : Lifestyle

Man….these pills, they have all sorts of side effects!!! So I got a cold: coughing, nose runs, dripping eyes, stuff like that. Naturally, I took some pills for my cough, some nose spray and some eye drops. Who’s reading the instructions anyway? I didn’t….you have to have the eye drops in the evening, not in the morning, because the first effect is pupils dilatation.

I poured the drops in the middle of the day and got out after half an hour or so. I met some people…some friends and my neighbor….eeeeeverybody was looking kinda weird at me….I’m like what the heck? It’s just a cold, right…’s not even that big of a deal, I just want it to pass very fast ’cause I got important stuff to do. Anyway…I must have been talking funny too…who knows, because when I got back home, mom told me the old lady at 14 asked her what was wrong with me and if I’m having drug problems….Mom says: “Why would you ask that?” Lady’s like: “Well her eyes were looking funny, her pupils were dilated, and she wasn’t looking straight at me when I was talking to her… Oh, and she was rubbing her nose too.”

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