Ad Olympics – One


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I can see everybody was excited about the Olympics this year. Some won, some didn’t, many did absolutely great. The participation only can bring a sportsman a good load of cash in his pockets, especially if his face, bottom, breasts, hands are very well known and… appreciated.

Brands are not looking at money when it comes to empathizing with the consumer, and throw in impressive amounts on executions of all kinds. So here’s mADster provoking your Olympic spirit with a selection of good (more or less actually) quality prints that have been made famous during this year’s games. You’ll love some, you’ll probably hate others. But I bet you haven’t seen most of these ads!

Introducing mADster


Category : Ad'Or


Name is Jonathan and, from this point on, I’m going to take care of the Ad’Or category of this blog. Simply because I love commercials and everything connected to advertising. Hope we’ll have a good time together and hope my articles rise up to your expectations.

Thanks for the opportunity!

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