Ad Training


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… with you, the readers! It’s just a game. Try to guess what these ads promote without reading the description inside this post. Then tell me what you were thinking of the first time. My first guess was hilarious!

In faaaaact, I’m only going to add the description in one or two days! :P

Happy guessing! Looking forward for your ideas!

Zero Sugar


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Hypothesis: Life with no sugar remains as sweet as always because the Coca-Cola Zero drink has the same delicious taste as a normal Coke, but zero sugar. Wheeheeeeyyyy!!!

A powerful reason to believe and some simple ad executions to demonstrate this hypothesis by exposing extremely simple situations. This is the way the Coca-Cola Zero promoters have succeeded to make their point and re-establish their brand by bringing something less (less sugar… NO sugar – an advantage actually), but keeping the same high leveled quality.

We all want MORE in this life, right? More money… more fun… more vacation days… more, more, more! (Ew… Now Britney’s Gimme more is banging in my head…). Well, not quite. Sometimes… a lot of times actually, less is more. Same thing with the Zero Coke. Zero is more! Just like in real life. But how about combining more with less? That would be the dream! No… that would be a successful advertising campaign!

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