A Geisha


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A geisha is the perfect confluence between an ancestral tradition, an attitude of life and a living work of art within the body, mind and soul of a woman.

A geisha is not a prostitute. A geisha is a master of the art of entertaining powerful men without having sex with them. A geisha is a respected woman in a culture where women walk one step behind their men.

A geisha is a spectacle herself. She provides an intimate space where customers enjoy an intelligent mind and are enchanted with all the arts that she owns, with her as their confidant in political, economic, business and humanities. A geisha is a guarantee of absolute silence and discretion.

Pre-adolescent girls are educated to enter into such arts of geisha houses, where they belong to the owner of the house. They first work as maids and then, when time comes, become mails, apprentice geisha, and get under the supervision of a geisha who is their teacher and example.

They learn about the culture in which educators are teaching the art of flowers and willows. They learn how to use makeup, how to dress, they learn about music, languages, traditional ceremonies and other duties. They adopt a very rigorous lifestyle in terms of their appearance and what they symbolize for their ancestors. This education is very expensive and there are few women who can afford it on their own. If we add that a kimono can cost up to 25,000 euros and that they need at least four, you begin to understand the magnitude of the numbers. A true geisha has a kimono for each color, since they must dress in alignment with the seasons and the environment that are going to handle.

The one who usually bears these costs is the owner of the house and once a woman becomes a geisha, she works to repay her debt, which was contracted in education, housing, education and clothing. The most accomplished geisha repays her debt after more than twenty years of work, except for the case in which a Dann, a wealthy man, takes over her debt because he decides to be her lover.

The life of a geisha comes back to her when,

rescued from the claws of her debts,

she becomes independent and can utter:

- I already paid all my kimonos.

Heath Ledger Nominated for the Oscars?


Category : Celebrity Nonsense

The absolutely amazing interpretation of Joker by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight had impressed all the professionals and the public, and is considered a true revelation! Well no kidding? I told you this so many times, dooh!

Indeed, Heath, who died shortly before the release of the film, was compared to James Dean because of his tragic fate and his real gift of interpretation. Therefore, Warner studios are fighting at this time for the actor to be nominated for this year’s Oscars !

It would not be the first time in the history of the Academy Awards that an actor is nominated posthumously, since James Dean was nominated twice, and Peter Finch (who died in January 1977), nominated for best leading role in “Network, Main Low on television “, won the Oscar in March of that year. So I think Heath has all the chances in the world to get it. AND HE WILL, damn it! Such a recognition would become the highest tribute we could offer to the amazing Heath Ledger … Do you hear me?

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