Dove vs. Greenpeace


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Dove has recently drawn a number of campaigns with reference to beauty, using very good and sometimes shocking videos which have continuously informed consumers that real beauty is not necessarily what the beauty industry says it is.

Following this concept, a while ago, Dove has released the next commercial: Onslaught

Today, while I was reviewing my usual feeds from different blogs, I found the following video, made by Greenpeace, video which, in my opinion, is a blow in the face for the Dove campaign. Personally, I think it’s a very smart move!

Here it is: Onslaughter

Not Afraid of What’s Coming


Category : Personal

Things are getting better.

See… with life, it’s always a matter of choosing the right path and avoiding the wrong path. But, in my opinion, there’s no such thing as wrong path. There’s only right paths and the space in between them. A right path is just like a tunnel, the in between right paths is emptiness, a space of continuous wandering, but also a space for a new chance to get on a right path again. The right path could be a closed tunnel, or an open tunnel. There are few closed tunnels and there are a lot of open ones. Some of the open tunnels have more than one extra-exits so you have more than one chances to get back in a tunnel from various points of the in-between space.

Sometimes, you can’t really tell whether you’re outside or inside the tunnel so, when you’re in front of a tunnel hole, you don’t know whether it is an entrance or an exit. The only way to find out it’s to pass through it. The two things that can happen are: you actually enter a tunnel, which means you’re on a good road, or you actually exit a tunnel, which means you’re in the in-between space, searching for another tunnel hole, therefore you’re on your way towards a good road. So the final result is always a right path, all you have to do is to have the courage to MOVE.

Hoping that at least ONE person reading this point understands me, I wish you all the best things in the world!

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