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It would be ideal for a car to get you wherever your mind can dream, without limits of time and space! Well, the greatest thing with advertising is that, even if your dream is just a fantasy, it (i.e. advertising) offers you the satisfaction to change a real world landscape into a fantasy world image, only through the use traditional and modern means of… playing with the viewer’s eye.

This is a collection which we will call Fantastic Cars (or Fantasy Cars, however you like), because it portrays cars in the fantastic world of your childhood stories or ancient and modern mythology. I really hope you like this series of prints, because I, personally, have fallen for the main concept. They’re veeeerrryyy creative. Great idea!

Due to the fact that they are so many, I shall make a list and invite you to see the pictures for yourself. Enjoy!

Volkswagen series: – three stories, one suggestive logo: “Get far. Far away.”

Jeep series: based on the argument of rarity. How often did you see a griffin, a mermaid or a unicorn? Can you spot the car that has seen them all? I love this series because the concept and the manner in which the prints are realized it is quite simple and yet very effective. Nevertheless, in my opinion, it’s all about how the car looks than what the car might signify in one’s mind, so… I like the car prints that actually show me a shiny car better.

Other: I like the way in which these prints are done. Placed them in “others” because I don’t have enough prints of belonging to the same trade. Probably because they didn’t have fantastic series, but just try outs. Natural disasters:

  • Mercedes Benz – Horses: This print reminds me, of course, of the Lord of the Rings well-known scene in which water horses crush demons etc etc. Only here… no water horse is catching Mercedes‘ boot!
  • Chevrolet – Tsunami: Speaking of horses running after fast cars, how about a tsunami made out of desperate spare parts running after one shiny new Chevrolet?
  • Chevrolet – Twister: Forget about the spare parts tsunami, how about a spare part twister?
  • Renault GPS – Enough tornadoes and tsunamis and twisters, getting back to story land. I would have definitely called this print not GPS, but Maze, as a reminder of the mythological maze/labyrinth, but hey… advertiser’s choice, who am I to say? Anyway, It’s not that bad with GPS either, even if I can put a GPS on a baby carriage, that doesn’t mean I want to advertise a car.
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