I Feel Pretty


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… oh so pretty!

The beautiful Maria Sharapova in a Nike commercial, being sung the song “I feel pretty”, where evidence we should take it seriously, beyond her beauty. I’m rather impressed by the scream at the end. Not THAT is what I call Sharapova signature!

Ingenious Advertising – Careerbuilder


Category : Ad'Or

I must say I’m impressed with the Careerbuilder campaign! Very clever advertising for the website devoted to the supply and demand for labor. The ads’ logo say:

Maybe it’s time to move on

Use the job search engine associated with more than 350 leading newspapers and professional organizations and be ready when it occurs to you.


The smarter way to find a better job.

I leave with you the 6 very ingenious spots:

  • facebook
  • Technocrati
  • delicious
  • stuble
  • Digg
  • Twitter