Transformation – Gwen Stefani


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When you say Gwen Stefani you immediately think of non-conformism and, inevitably, of a style icon.

She may be different than the others but, in spite of her weird choices of clothing, she seems to be always brilliant in the spotlight. Her secret? Attitude, confidence in herself and enthusiasm towards the style approach.

Even if her outfits reflect only to a certain extent the general trends of the season, even if she has experienced weird haircuts and unusual hair colors, Gwen’s style subscribes itself to a certain pattern close to the edge, which allows her to constantly improvise and juggle.

Thus, when you think about the Gwen Stefani image, you invariably think about a whole list of features and options of clothing and beauty, which successfully complete glamorous picture of punk diva of the years’40:

* Vintage clothes (the’20-’40);
* Unusual combinations of elegant and sporty pieces of clothing;
* Influence of eastern culture … especially in India and Japan (Harajuku);
* Dramatic make-up, never missing the red lipstick, whether that is in trend or not;
* Peroxide blonde hair, often caught or arranged in the style of Cleopatra.

Now take a look at this astonishing transformation as you watch the changes Gwen has been gone through since 1998!

BomChicka WhaWhaaaa!!!


Category : Ad'Or

Hello, again!

There are certain brands and campaigns that will always have a place on this site and one of those examples is the entire AXE series. In my opinion, there are really few things this brand makes that do not deserve being commented upon. Like this campaign below. It’s nothing new for the brand, but it sure is something the advertising industry has not seen before!

Let’s call it simple, by its name: BomChicka WhaWha! Cute, right? The clips are even better!

Hm, last one is just for entertainment! Auditions haha!

What I like most about this campaign and in general with all the AXE campaigns, is the humor and subtlety used. But I think particularly in this campaign which emphasizes the ability to promote a new “ingredient”, which in reality is nothing new. It is notable how a small detail (excellent odds), manages to introduce a powerful concept and associate it with the mark.

More importantly, if a campaign determines ordinary people to perform the basic script, for example, videos uploaded on YouTube after alluding to the trade and the main concept (BomChicka whawha – tube it yourself if you’re curious, some are really hilarious) – and I believe there are hundreds of them, if not thousands – then there’s no doubt the campaign is a success, won’t you agree?

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