Romanian Stew


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I love my neighbors! Half of them hate me, a quarter don’t even know my name, ten percent ignore me, one takes care of me when I’m sick and one cooks for me from time to time. Things they have in common? They’re all Romanians and are slaves of this culture with its good and bad things.

The thing that really kills me about my culture is that people over 50 still have reminiscences of the communist era.  Those ones are really killing any capitalist upsurge in me! Remember this lady? She’s such a sweetheart! She’s the one we call the “Stew Lady” because she makes the best stew ever! She’s 73 or something. Very nice, but with a lot of issues among which entering my house without knocking on the door, knocking on the door until I open if the door is locked and, my favorite, this:

8 am. I’m sleeping.

She first tries the door handle. I open my eyes… “Wtf?”

She then knocks twice. My mother’s distinctive sign. Not anymore, apparently.

I get up (”Shit, it must be noon!!!”) and ask: “Mom?”

She says nothing.

Me again: “Mom, use your key, I have no idea where mine is!”

She says nothing, then she starts playing with her fingers on the door. My mother’s other distinctive sign. Not anymore, apparently! I start looking for my keys. She still plays with her fingers on the door. I find my keys. I open the door and the first thing the Stew Lady says is…

“Are you at home?”

I’m like “Obviously!!!!!”

“I made some stew, do you want some? Leave the door open, I’ll bring some right away!”

That kills me every time! I think I’ve died a thousand times  in twenty something years!

Of Mind and Soul


Category : Personal, art

…and some paint and some brushes and some old hair comb.

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