I’m back! Did You Have a Good Time?


Category : Personal

Because I did and I hope you did too, if not, you deserved it! Oh, I am so joking, please forgive me!

Anyway, I hope you didn’t expect me to write anything during the holiday! No way! Eitherway, I couldn’t have, because I was stoned almost every day for two weeks. Read stoned as in tired because of extreme cooking, abusive partying and meeting with friends, family and relatives.

Was Santa generous to you? How generous was 2008 to you? I’ve always said 2008 was a time for changes and 2009 will be a time for reaping the fruits of these changes, so you can imagine what I’m expecting from the new year! Read a lot! After having exited from three ginormous tubes (breaking up with my husband, getting my MA degree and quitting my stupid job) I am now ready to see where this chain of changes would get me. Worried? Oh, not really! Rather anxious!

I’ve learned a lot during this holiday: that best friends are silly (in the good way), that things can happen all of a sudden, that good things happen to the ones who wait, that teenagers have no clue about the world they live in, that cutting your hair should come out of a snappy idea, that missing certain things makes you love them more, that sometimes what you’re looking for is right in front of your eyes, that sometimes decisions which we think are the best might not be the best, that there’s an easy answer to “is time relative?”, that it is great not to be alone, that the New Years Eve is just about 12 am, a glass of champaign and some fireworks and a lot more.

Alrighty, I wish you all a good year!

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