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So I guess none of us is a better villa guardian, but the dog is a better sleeper for sure. I couldn’t sleep at all that night.

D. took me almost everywhere today. I saw my aunt and uncle, ate all sort of goodies. On our way back, instead of taking the 368, we took the 385 and she was like “Hey, what the heck… let’s go see Ceausescu’s tomb!” and I “Yeah, why not…” and we did. D. can be pretty weird sometimes but she cannot overcome me at this.

While we were waiting for the right bus, another passed by and I stuck my tongue out at this dude who was staring at us. He smiled and kept his eyes on us, while walking towards the end of the bus. He made a sign with his hand, the sign that said “Hey, guess what, the bus stops in 100 meters and I’m getting down. Stay there!” But I signed him back with a “Neaaaaahhhh! Don’t do that, man!” so he didn’t. I’m sure he wouldn’t have kicked my ass, though. Wink!

M. called today (after… a week?) and started with a “Where on earth are you?” and I said “I’m on Earth. I’m home, why?” and he’s like “Well let’s go out, I haven’t seen you in ages!” and I “Sure, what time?” and M. “8 pm?” and meeeee: “Awesome, come pick me up at 8 pm”. I am now waiting for my mother to ask me why is this dude searching for me at home when I’m in Bucharest for almost two weeks now. M. doesn’t read my blog. Too bad!

When we left for the villa, I told D. that I’m gonna take the subway and she could go by bus and we are to meet in front of a bookstore. Me and D. we live together these days and I needed to take a ride by myself or I’ll get bored. I was 40 minutes late because I switched the subway in the wrong station. Mh… not too bad ’cause the ride was swell and I got to read some more of my book. But I’m sure D. will not take another deal like that again.

My half an hour is gone and I feel like eating pancakes. I have a feeling D. might make some if I ask nicely. Tehehe… So I’ll see you next time.

PS: I never thought I would say this but, these days, Internet Explorer is the shit because it is the only browser that enables me to listen to my music. Funny, huh?

Friday 13. February. HB!


Category : Personal

Right, we finally got to February 13th. Forsakenorder.com is officially one year old today! Weeee! It’s been nice, we made a lot of friends, we had funny, we had sad, we had personal, we had a lot. Personally, I feel good about it, I can do ten times better, ten times more but it’s not always up to me.

I’ll let this post be the only one to appear today. Please excuse any spam that made it pass my spam guard. I shall be in Bucharest with very important business to take care of. I’m not superstitious, so I hope 13 does it good for me. ‘Cause I need it! I have no idea when I’ll be back so try to behave while I’m gone.

See ya!

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