Keira Knightley’s Anti-Domestic Violence Ad Banned By Brittish TV

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Category : Ad'Or, Family and Relationships

Personally, I didn’t find Keira Knightley’s latest anti domestic violence advertisement as violent as it is considered by British television. The campaign is called short The Cut and is destined to ring an alarm against domestic violence. People! You’re scared that a broken mirror, three spots of blood and a man hitting a woman are TOO VIOLENT?

Please, you have no idea what domestic violence implies!!!

Stay Off the Streets!


Category : Lifestyle

This is a warning! When this post appears on this website, I would be undergoing my first driving lesson on the streets of this world. I STRONGLY advise you to stay off the streets between 9:30 am and 1:30 pm as I am not sure which streets will be chosen to be terrorized.

You have been warned!

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