Helena Hearts Ron


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Note: Inspired by a true story. Identity of the characters hidden. Friends know why. 

Helena hearts Ron. Only, at the moment, Helena would like to smack Ron in the face. I was supposed to say “in the balls” but as I told you, Helena hearts Ron.

Helena hearts Ron. She really does, but it’s so hard to always be the one who has to be careful about everything, the one who has to think about everything because Ron, well… Ron is a special creature. Ron is a man.

Helena hearts Ron. So she was really hurt when, this morning, Ron didn’t even bother to get up from the bed to tell her goodbye. Probably because he’s a coward and didn’t know how to handle Helena’s silence the previous night. So he let her leave for work sad.

Helena hearts Ron. Helena was sad all day at work, until she decided it’s time to tell somebody. So she told  Anna all about it. The latter tried to make Helena feel better, she even tried to make her feel angry at Ron. But Helena hearts Ron.

Until Helena got an e-mail from Ron:

Helena, would you print this attachment out and bring it home? Thank you.

“Oh, no, he didn’t!” Helena said to herself. “He talks to me like with his co-workers”, she then told Anna.

“Oh, no, he didn’t!”, said Anna as well.”Did you check the attachment?” she asked, “Maybe he’s sending an I’m sorry card or something” she thought.


Helena’s e-mail reply to Ron:

1) there is no attachment
2) u’r talking to me like u’r talkin to ur co-workers…well, that’s good to know…maybe when u’r coming back home u’ll bring one of those sluts from ur work to live w/ u, cuz i saw how much u give a shit about me…u didn’t even give a shit this morning!

ur fucking fiancee

Helena hearts Ron. Up to a point.

Why Is Spring so Damn Hard For Some To Handle?

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Category : Lifestyle

Because Nature takes its space back. Blooming trees and growing flowers and growing grass, they all take the space they lost during Winter back, thus claustrophobic people feel they’re being suffocated. I can admire a beautifully blossomed cherry tree, but it takes me a while to get used to the idea I’m having less space for me. I’m silly, I know, but it’s quite logical.

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