Watchmen (2009)

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Category : Music and Movies

See this trailer for Watchmen?

It’s absolutely amazing! Problem with the movie itself iiiiis:

1. The trailer is way better.

2. It’s pornographic with no reason. Which kinda explains why it has been recommended as being “awesome” by one of my friends. Friends know why, buddy!

Now enjoy this Wolverine vs. Rorschach fight ’cause it’s better than both!

Oh Heeeeey, April Fool’s Day!

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Category : Lifestyle

First night of sleep without any pain in my bones. Not a joke, but my new mattresses system woohooo!!!

So yeah, today is officially (dunno where that came from, but it’s official) April Fool’s Day. Officially, everything one does today is suspiciously considered not to be a serious thing, but something destined to deceive the other. I mean I opened the TV this morning, to check what time it was,  and the TV dudes – 90% of them, which is tragic – were messing around under the fine pretext of… well… April Fool’s Day. Aleera, if your coming back hadn’t been done yesterday, I would have thought you were messing around as well. Tehehe! Anyway, I’m expecting surprises, because most of my buddies know I cannot be fooled just like that and every year they try and they try… hey… I would be offended if they didn’t! Shoot!

As for me… I suck at paying pranks not because I wouldn’t be good at it… I used to be quite skilled, but because it’s terrible for the people to get upset on one of your jokes not because it wasn’t a good one, but because they just didn’t get it or its purpose. Dull, right? So I guess I’ll fool someone tomorrow, when noone expects it and say “Oh, hey, happy late April Fool’s Day!” or maybe I’ll just skip the entire fooling stuff this year and think about Easter cookies in advance. Boy… am I the epitome of fine entertainment or what?

Today is actually the day I would be reading my usual blogs to update myself with all the things I ignored lately. It’s about time I did that… I almost lost most of my… fans.

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