Bad Karma

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Category : Lifestyle

Something must be wrong. Somebody wants my mouth shut (*coughs* Megan Fox!) because my morning started very weird. I brushed my teeth with liquid soap and thought it was alright until bubbles level started to get above toothpaste ordinary bubbles level! No taste in me mouth either. Familiar pattern. No, no, no, no, noooo!

Meh… idiotic thoughts! I’m fine, I’m fine! I just woke up early on a Saturday morning! The short arms and legs of fairness!

I didn’t sleep because I thought and thought about what to do with this new prodigy. I decided to let it die, as usual. If you let things die, they either die in silence or in massive outburst but they eventually die. Unlike letting them live… trying to maintain them alive by all means towards a useless purpose.

No worries, the next post appears in one minute!

Gah, This Just Brings Back That Sadness

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That sadness I felt when I heard about the tragedy of Heath Ledger’s death. But hey, life is life and things happened this way, we shall always have him in his films. Personally, I’ve seen them all,  and I can hardly wait to see Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus as well. Speaking of which, here’s a tease:

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