Alright, Who Is the Brain Behind This Commercial?

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What did I expect? I was expecting you to have wild sex with the Slumdog’s father to tell you the truth… But instead I got you drinking vodka juice. ‘Cause that’s what I understood from this commercial.

So Nicole Kidman was wandering on the streets of fairy India, when all of a sudden she meets Slumdog Millionaire’s little Latika (Rubina Ali), who is not poor anymore, on the contrary. As she touches the child’s face, tired of her waxy skin and longing for that natural darkness, Nicole spots a man in the corner of her eye. A tall man, dark, long haired and sooo, oh, so sexy! Nothing like Keith Urban, she says. This is my chance! So she runs towards the man, gives him the sweet look, reaches for the back of her dress, unzipps it in a sudden skilled move, crosses past him, gets in her hotel room, closes the door and goes straight towards the minibar where… what the fuck? Girl, you’ve got some drinking skills!

Commercial meanings: 

When you drink Schweppes:

  • - India looks oh so fair
  • - Slumdog kids are actually so rich
  • - you easily pass a potential hard core sexual experience
  • - you are all giggly and dumb

You should be fired, mate! What in the world were you thinking?

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