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Literally and figuratively. Let’s get moving:

I found this ad a couple of days ago, it’s for Paris Hilton’s Siren perfume, which I have never heard of. But you know I am a total ignorant with regards to SOME things in this life. Besides, there’s a good explanation I’ve never heard of it up to now: the ad is completely bollox! It’s wrong on too many levels, but the sharpest thing that stabs my eyes is this image of a blond wonk-eyed dwarf siren that rather makes me laugh than ever wish to buy her scent. Wait… scent? What scent? Fishy scent? Bleah!!! My gf would never wear that!

1. I could do such a better Photoshop Job!

2. The perfume bottle has nothing to do with mermaids, not even with sea shells, it’s a Greek pattern of the God of Sun. Oh, right… there’s the Pantheon in the back LOL!

3. The shape of the bottle is whack because this type of shape is destined for men. The ladies’ bottles are wider in the lower part. This bottle looks like the torso of a man. Or a mermaid that likes to stay on her head.

4. Nuff of this.

Second ad has a lot to do with… eating. Or sucking, however you want to take it. I can’t really say it is a bad ad, because the impact is ensured, but come on, it’s like we’re expecting to eat a d*ck everytime we eat something from Burger King.

But hey, if I were to pick the best, the BK would definitely be my choice! At least they put thought into it, it’s smart assy, it’s a good concept, very suggestive and relevant to the idea! It just sucks because we’re talking about sucking, you know?

Alright, hope I didn’t offend anyone but Paris Hilton! Have a nice day!

Until next time!

How Does YOUR Day Look in Brands?

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Haha! This post I read on this blog is really really interesting. Jane has really worked to obtain her daily brand interaction schedule and might I say she really did a great job! I understood perfectly what she does starting with 6:35 AM… woooot? That early? LOL!

As soon as I come back from Bucharest I am having my own Brand Timeline Portrait done!

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