Awesome! Paramore Ignorance Video!

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What a kick ass song!!! I adore Paramore, Hayley Williams caught my eyes and ears the very first time we met!
Ignorance is your new best friend!

Oh, since we’re here, here’s Paramore in Rock Sound magazine! Crazy!

Oh, they’re so large! get in for the rest!

One Of the Worst Photoshop Jobs I’ve Ever Seen: Nia Long For PETA


Category : Ad'Or, Entertainment, Photos and Media, WTF?!?

I always had the impression PETA is a serious organization, promoting serious campaigns, but the latest Nia Long anti fur campaign is really bad! Could it be the crisis? I think it should have nothing to do with the quality of an advertising product!

The disappointment!

It looks so silly, it’s uncomfortable to watch!

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