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1. Mandragora Officinarum myth

2. Alraune myth – As read in Hanns Heinz Ewers – Alraune (Joe Bandel translation)

3. David Brown’s Tchaikovsky the Man and His Music’. Read more here as well. Regarding the knight and the sheets of paper.

4. David McRobbie’s ‘Mandragora’. Read here.  Referring to the Mandragora dolls. A small excerpt:

“Mandragora” by David Mc Robbie is the story of parallel lives and how
they connect through four cursed mandrake dolls. These dolls in
particular have been around since 1886.

According to “Mandragora”, a ship called the Dunarling was not only
carrying 85 passengers wanting to shift from Scotland to South
Australia, but also the four dolls. Each named and cursed. ‘Swith’ was
cursed with fire (bleeze), ‘Agley’ with mischance, ‘Snell’ with
foulness and ‘Sneddum’ was cursed with the final destruction.
Otherwise referred to as ‘All fa’ doon!’

4. About Mandragora demons.

5. Dr. Who and The Masque of Mandragora. You might want to check the poster for this, those masks remind me of the  masks in o.



7. Vanuatu art. See here.

8. The Evolution of the Dragon – G. Elliot Smith – Project Guttemberg, Chapter III, The Birth of Aphrodite, subchapter The Mandrake

9. Norse mythology – Poetic Edda and Prose Edda, especially elements connected to the Tree of Life/the World – Yggdrasil as well as to goddess Freyja. More here.

10. As stated in this interview, Jona Lee’s favorite novel is Bounty by Val McDermid and her favorite poem collection is Aniara by Harry Martinson.

Aniara - “The main message of Aniara, “my child” as Martinson called it, is the need to take care of Mother Earth. Aniara is intended as a warning to mankind, urging us to accept responsibility and guilt for our collective sins.

Read more here, tis a great review.

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Oh, nice! A lot of things make sense in my head now :) ) Especially those sheets of paper and the Knight!

This was novel. I wish I could read every post, but i have to go back to work now… But I’ll return.

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