101112 – So It Begins


SUTS journey, who else’s?

We’re not talking, just so you clear it up. – so sweet! SUTS, you’re so sweet!!!

Might I just say that this is is going to be one helluva journey? And it appears that SUTS has made it to Stockholm right from Berlin (well, we’ll have to see about that in the end, but for now, that’s sort of a fact).

Don’t be mean about the video quality, the man is not a director and iamami might have just given us what we asked for: ’some footage with SUTS’, LOL!

This is so ARG-ish right now, I can’t even pinpoint the levels! All sort of clues: from the departure place to the arrival, to the music in the background, to the interior of the car and so on!

First, they decided to shorten the title of the video and cut the 20 out of the year, so now we only have 101112, which not only is it made out of 6 digits, but adding up the numbers we also get 6. Just for the fun of it, me thinks, and to increase excitement levels in our eyes, tehe. Another good reason, as fans on the youtube channel mentioned it, could be to differentiate SUTS’ videos from in a way.

SUTS starts in front of his mirror and begins in what I would call an almost PERFERCT reiteration of the 20101109 Mandrake moves.

“Just going to a bus that will take me to umm… the airport… where I’m going to catch my flight.”

Hands on the door lock, opens the door and there we have the spiral staircase, aye? :) Iamamiwhoami, you sneaky people!!!

Love the sequence of images (around 5 or six) which present tunnel-like spaces because. You know I love tunnels and it’s all about that type of journey with me :wink:

SUTS arrives at the airport and he’s traveling with AirBerlin, which, according to sam: The plane was from the company Air Berlin, and he came from Berlin Tegel. Air Berlin have connexions with 3 cities in Sweden from this city: Stockholm, Visby, Gothenburg.

Love how they cut the footage provided by SUTS!

Look at that… SUTS likes cookies!

With the elevator scene, looks like he’s in the company of a man (black coat, black hat, glasses). The white paper the man is holding could be instructions. Like “Shut up, Shoot” LOL No, it’s the famous Y blank page. SUTS’ blank page.

SUTS gets out of the airport and enters a vehicle. Lovely music is being played and no one is talking. The car starts moving, the white sheet of paper on the board, as a leitmotif.

“Were not talking? Just to clear it up…” asks SUTS, shyly, but no answer comes back.

This journey started with a mirror, you see? This is so iamamiwhoami-ish! It starts with the SUTS symbolically entering another space. Because what he’s experiencing from now on is the opposite/reversed of whatever he’s been living up to now. He travels both in time and in space, both vertically and horizontally. They chose the perfect images from his footage and managed to render symbolism to the highest extent: we have spiral stairs, normal stairs, doors that glide in front of him, we even have a wormhole (0:24)!!! Almost 80% of the items appearing in this short video are part of the semantic field of the journey: doors, windows, passages, plane, wings of plane, cars, streets etc. The end of the video is epic! The halo’ish music and the way in which Suts looks towards the sun through the window!!!

It has begun.


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