101114 – Visitor 2 – Initiation


SUTS walks his way to the door and opens. Enters a man, his face blurred (however, there’s a dark beard they actually let us see, lol).

The man is wearing rubber boots, a thick vest, a black hat and gloves. That might be a sign for a gardener or a man of the forest. He doesn’t talk, instead takes Suts’ hands and starts dancing with him, humming Johann Strauss’ The Blue Danube Waltz, a classical for ball rooms.

After a couple of dancing steps, they stop and the man bows like a woman. Suts imitates (llllike a m0nkey, haha), but the man immediately corrects and makes him bow like a man. A couple of more exchanges, the man gives Suts a handshake and a g’bye and exits, leaving Suts wondering what he’s just been through. Another challenge, Suts, nothing more ;)

If I’m not mistaken, those types of bowing are both relating to a man’s way of bowing, the only difference being the STATUS of the man (like modern vs. a knight for example). I guess we’ll see.

Now we did wonder what the Blue Danube was all about besides being maybe one of the most recognizable waltzes out there, and the first connection after checking the wiki page was Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 – A Space Odyssey. Hear hear:

The Blue Danube music scores the beginning to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey – right after the ‘evolution’ of man scenes. Unplugged70

I must say I like SUTS’s hood and I really have a feeling he’s been wearing that intentionally. Maybe they even provided the hood for him. Why? Because it’s a cross and it really reminds me of a knight in a crusade. The fact that it is white over a black background connects it to the idea of good vs. evil.

I have to stress once again on the idea of the journey I was talking about for so long. These three visitors Suts gets are the three helpers any hero has on his journey.

BTW, this is initiation stage here.

On another keynote, it seems like Suts is really having fun, a thing that, for me, is showing again the naturalness of his actions.

On a detective note: Bowery Ballroom seems to be a venue many Swedish singers have played live in: Likke Li, Little Dragon, ann brun etc. The only problem (if) is that BB is in NY.

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