iamamiwhoami – 20101001 Volunteer


It pays off to be patient. We now have a confirmation that this website is real: http://towhomitmayconcern.cc/


We now have confirmation that iamamiwhoami CARE about their fans.

Let me see now… I feel like I want to get deeper into this message.

All sentences are statements.

To whom it may concern.

Read about it here.

We need one volunteer.

We – To those who doubted this is one person project (Jonna Lee only), there it is!

- need – we don’t want, we need. That is this volunteer will be used for something, he/she will be an active participant.

- one – Not ‘a’ volunteer, but ‘one’. One as in number, and one as in referring to people on general. They don’t care if it’s a she or a he, clearly. They just want one.

- volunteer – That person should: a) be willing to participate, that is to be physically able to get into it. To have time resources, for instance. After that, maybe space resources too. Who knows. And b) should not expect any sort of material reward out of this. But I think that ‘willingness’ is implied more in the message.

We trust in you to find your representative.

- we trust in you – this is actually negative politeness. This actually places responsibility on you. It obliges you to raise up to the expectations. It subliminally forces you to comply and perform with complete awareness and in full responsibility.

- to find – this implies the suggestion of a selection process. That is don’t just pick somebody. Pick one for the right reasons.

- your representative – again, apart from making you feel you are a part of this, ensuring you will be represented as fans, this is still a way to place responsibility upon you. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not bad, it actually serves a purpose. Also, they use ‘your’, not ‘a’. This again makes your heart grow a little. Negative politeness, haha. You’re totally subdued!

Let us know your decision by 20101008.

- let us know - that’s great! It’s like ‘make contact with us’, you are allowed to do that now, you’re so allowed! They let us know that they are waiting for our decision before moving on.

- your decision – your responsibility, your choice, your decision, right?

Present it here with a full name, home adress and telephone number at 12 AM CET.

- I’m afraid that’s a misspell, huh? Adress? Happens, happens… ;)

- there, they give you the exact location and time of the ‘meeting’. Now, I have just one question: by 20101008 suggests indefinite time up to 20101008. That is we can make a choice today, or on the 7th. They give us time and they are aware we might be quarreling upon the decision, right? Yet, at 12 AM CET they want the answer. That is most definite!

- present it – that’s so order – like :) ) Present arms!!!! That’s prolly some sort of letting us know they still remain the artists and we are still their fans. Now, my theories:

  • 1. This is some sort of last minute marketing strategy to keep us all busy until the concert date. We all know how impatient people grow, we’ve seen it during this campaign, especially on the official YouTube channel.
  • 2. This is indeed another, more closer way to interact with their fans. They make us feel part of this even more, by letting us know we are being REPRESENTED. They chose ‘one’ and not ‘a’. Win-win strategy. They win some more fans, we win recognition as fans.
  • 3. This is a test. Remember all those matters of life the iamami videos link to. This might as well be a test to see whether we are able to choose someone without starting any conflicts. Again, they chose ‘one’, not ‘a’. One should mean something to us and, more important, we should ALL agree on that one. Right now, we seem quite peaceful and we sort of have our volunteer, as not too many names have arisen, but I hope the atmosphere will be the same on the 8th.

Any of these would make sense in the campaign, even the last one, lol! And the winner is… – drums drums drums – … TEHHILS!!!

Get ready to go muddy, buddy!!! Represent us well and keep us updated wink wink


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I wonder what they need the volunteer for. A package? A letter? To fly him/her over to some strange location? Video feature? Oh… so exciting!

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