Romanians in the World – Mario Catană


Time to boast about some Romanians again! This time I’ve chosen a person from the fashion industry. His name: Mario Catana.

He started modeling when he was 10. It all began as a joke, his sister took him at one of her castings. Lucky guy, he began working right after college, during a period when boys like him were at in high demand. His slim and high figure enabled him to model for all Romanian famous designers. He finished college, played the role of the journalist for a while until he finally decided to travel. He gathered a lot of experience in 5 years, getting noticed in shows like Armani, Carlo Pignatelli, Francesco Smalto, Konrad Muhr or in French banks, shampoos, and beer commercials rolling all over the world. He is currently the Armani image in the world. (Yellow!) He was designated “Male Model of the Year” in 2004. He speaks of himself as being shy, but ambitious, obsessed with cleaning up, extremely self-criticizing and…obsessed with modeling. (No way…really?)

2007 Armani Image

“The people from the agency called me and told me to take a seat for they have something important to tell me. How did I feel? Vibrating, accomplished and feeling I have touched my goals. The first thing I did right after was to call my parents and my sister to tell them. “

We’re proud of you too, Mario!

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That’s hawt!

OMG….asta e roman????? I’m so f*** proud!

Hello, guys! Ok, I saw Mario in person and he’s not that handsome, but he has something special indeed. I guess this is the new way of selecting the right people to promote your products.

i am very proud!!!!! Mario e un tip care a obtinut totul prin multa munca!!si chiar daca este unul dintre cei mai frumosi barbati ai Romaniei este un tip modest care nu a uitat de unde a plecat!!mario tine-o tot asa ca eu una sunt mandra de tine!!ai grija de tine:*:*:*:

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