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I’ve been asking myself what on earth is iamamiwhoami trying to tell us with this number. 6 appears in all videos, under many forms, the most common display being the hexagon.


Ok… the hexagon is a perfect geometric shape, I understand, but what does it mean? Yes, I did connect it with the beehive, and so on and so forth, but nothing more than we’ve already been talking about.

Until today, when it dawned on me: why am I looking at all those displays implying the number 6 and only take into consideration the hexagon, when they could also depict a HEXAGRAM!!! Which is an elongated hexagon.


And it hit me: The Hexagrams of the Book of Changes (I Ching)!!! Numerology! Damn it! I am so slow!!! What if the remaining numbers, the ones we couldn’t make much of it… what if we analyzed them from the point of view of those hexagrams?

The process is quite simple, you take a look at the conversion chart at page 19 in the document and you follow the instructions underneath. But there’s no need actually, because you can find the hexagrams explained in the pages that follow, without you having to convert them. Even more, you can check the wikipedia page for a complete list of the 64 hexagrams (scroll to bottom) and read faster about each of them. However, I find Michael Graeme’s keywords and additional explanations very relevant to the iamamiwhoami campaign. Use the search feature on bottom right for faster results.

So here’s what remained of the numbers. I’m also placing the tags inserted by iamamiwhoami itself. I believe they might be relevant as well.


6+9+9+1+3+0+0+8+2 = 38

4+5+1+3+2+2 = 17

wood foetus natal moisture machine disciple orifice

You can either consider two hexagrams, as in hexagram 38 and hexagram 17. After all, iamamiwhoami must have placed that dot between them for a reason. Together, they would mean something close to Opposition Quest. I’m sure I can find a better pair, of course, but I’m in a hurry to see what this is all about. I’m thinking for example The Quest for Individuality. Add that to ‘educational’ and we might be getting somewhere.

You can also consider just one hexagram, in this case, hexagram 55, which happens to be ABUNDANCE and which happens to have a lot to do with BOUNTY.

Hex 55 is also concerned with a bounty that has been brought upon by the determination of a individual. here

video 2 = I AM

6+6+9+3+2+1+0+1+8 = 36

foetus lap nourish cortex sap disciple wood

Hexagram 36. Darkening of the light. Also ‘ intelligence hidden, ‘concealing your brightness’ and ‘nurturing yourself for the longer term’. To me, this relates quite well with the tags referring to the foetus.

‘I am hidden intelligence’ maybe?

video 3 = ITS ME

723378 = 30

foetus amniotic fluid umbilical cord cream gateau disciple wood

Hexagram 30 is one of my favorites, because it’s RADIANCE. Also brightness, clarity, clinging fire. The video itself speaks ‘radiance’ to me, because it’s soft.

video 4 = MANDRAGORA

1+1+1+0 = 3

wood disciple rodent engender spout mount

Hexagram 3 – The Beginning. Also ‘ difficulty at the beginning’, ‘first steps’ or ’sprouting’.


5+6+1+5+5 = 22

wood lay roe spasm disciple nest virulent

Hexagram 22 – Elegance, Adorning, Grace, Coming into Bloom, Bringing Home the Bride, Public Show. OMG!!!!!!!

video 6 = WELCOME-HOME

3+3+8+3 = 17

asterisk disciple habitat interment crest wood pulp

Hexagram 17, THE QUEST again. Rather normal, as the quest should also end, right?

Guess how hexagram 14 s also called? BOUNTY.

Honestly, I don’t know how accurate this theory is, I jumped on it in a hurry, but I have a feeling it does have some relevancy. I invite you guys to have your own research, who knows, I’m sure more minds can come up with better answers.

LE: I found another study t sustain this hexagram theory of mine: D.H.Van den Berghe’s study upon the relationships created among the five basic elements – water, fire, wood, metal and earth -relationships which affect directly the hexagrams. As we all know, iamamiwhoami really uses those five elements. Every time they can. All the time, LOL!

Have a read in the Sources area below, you’ll see everything makes sense.


I Ching on wiki (scroll down for the charters with the hexagrams)

Michael Graeme on ScribdThe Hexagrams of the Book of Changes

Oracle of the Sun – to compare and complete meaning of certain hexagrams

D.H.Van den BergheUsing 5 element theory for hexagram interpretation


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Comments (8)

This is an interesting approach, I could have never thought at the hexagrams! Everybody keeps talking about six and the hexagon. This might be the way to look at those numbers.

You do have something here, this iamamiwhoami thing is great both visually and in what music is concerned, but do tell me, have you ever thought about masonic implications in this project? Because I see many, starting with exactly the topic of this post :D

Yes, I did. Many iamamiwhoami elements fit in the masonic ideologies, but I am not looking at the project from this point of view.

Imo the concept is based on the simplicity of the MO myth and everything else has developed after both in depth and amount.

I believe many confuse terms like witchcraft, hexagram, black cat etc with masonic rituals of I-don-t-know-what-because-I’m-not-really-interested-in-researching.



I see, yeah, it’s a pity. You should give this perspective a try sometimes ;) I’m watching :D

Why spoil all the meanings iamamiwhoami renders by looking at it from a masonic pov? Seriously!

Maybe I will. After this is over, I will look at things in a different way. Until then… enjoy my current views :) )

Well… if this is not the solution for those intricate remaining codes, then I can’t imagine which one it is. Hnestly, this is the closest someone got to those numbers. What else can it be?

Again the cycle. it starts with “the quest” and it ends with “the quest”. it follows the pattern

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