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Well… I did miss a lot of things in the showbiz area, that’s for sure… But I’m not referring to that sort of missing, as in longing for it. I’m referring to the ooops, I didn’t know that (but it’s fine, it’s fine) thing. However, I missed the premiere of a lot of movies and that’s not good. I mean what kind of dope hasn’t seen Slumdog Millionaire by now? Me. What kind of dope hasn’t had a good laughter from The Pink Panther 2 by now? I guess me. I’m afraid to check the latest news in movies as a matter of fact. Friends know why. Must check cinema to see what is featured.

I can’t believe I left the sun in Bucharest for the gloomy rainy like weather in my city! But it’s ok, blood is starting to move slowly through my veins again so it must be some sort of a come back, which is good.

Oh, hey… the promotional posters for the New Moon have appeared! The Robert Pattinson one looks veeeeerrry familiar… the posture I mean. Aaaaaanyway, I have to make a confession (if I didn’t make it already…): I read the damn saga – all four books of the Twilight series – and I have to say the movie is nothing compared to the book! It’s almost a sacrilege – wink! I’ll post them at the end of this entry.

Freakin’ weird… Up to now I missed a lot of things in here… now I’m starting to miss the crazy people in Bucharest! This is sucky… how can one be completely happy? Even more, I come home to find out my window view is messed up again by some dude building another freakin’ villa! I thought we’re supposed to be in some sort of recession! How the heck does he manage to build himself a crib? Great! Now I have to pay attention what I wear inside in order not to distract the workers… if you know what I aim at! As if that’s not enough, a couple of people managed to find out I’m in town and I know they didn’t find out from my blog ’cause they have reading problems so now I’m wondering who the traitor was (raising left eyebrow and looking suspicious).

I complain a lot, I know. Sorry. I guess I should choose a comedy instead of a drama to watch this afternoon. I don’t need more knives rusting in my back!

The promissed posters:


Comments (4)

…those rats… :D

Alee inca mai prestezi datul din buric pe noile hituri din hawaii ?:)))

I hope you’re not referrin’ at my future underage husband

ha ha Darianna’s hubby….:D

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