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- A Closer Look To iamamiwhoami’s b Video
- iamamiwhoami’s o video
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- n from Nature/Natural
- T – back in the kingdom we were Kings and Queens
- And this is Y all that’s left is Hope

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- An Archetypal and Mythological Approach to iamamiwhoami
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Finally, a clear and straight to the point message from iamamiwhoami! Watch the video and then let’s go see what we are being told!


Dress the part
It’s storytelling


Sharpen your knives
Watering mouths
Clean your plates for some tender I

Tell me how the story ends now

Come home, come see our place
Our labyrinth you keep hide
We push the boundaries
So the rules are bent
Just in time

Come wallow in my sorrow
Breathe your air into my lungs
What hides in my shadow?
My worst fear is real life
Tell me how the story ends now

Leave the mandragora myth aside for a couple of minutes and try to only notice what the images in the video suggest. I can see clearly it’s a ‘Back to nature/natural!” message.

We shall call this the bee video, as we’re being introduced by the same cat which now speaks the language of the buzzy bees. We shall also stop considering this cat as being a demon and start naming it a simple messenger.



What are the elements that make Nature? Basic constituents: water, earth, wood, metal, vegetation. The first image we have of the MO is one which sends us directly to these components of nature. The concept of the Mandragora is constructed with the help of the collage technique. Hence, every part of her body is actually rendered by a certain element we find in nature. In her case, vegetable ones: cabbage leaves, tomato rings, mushrooms, leek, salad and various condiments: pine leaves, pepper seeds, salt and a lil’ bit of tomato sauce. On the ground, on a pile of wood, on a rustic grill, in a metallic foil, we’re being served a piece of raw meat cooked with natural ingredients, in the most natural process food could undergo. We’re being served Nature. Ever thought of the mandrake as being a metaphor for Nature? I’m sure we touched this topic in the past.


You are what you eat, remember?

The milk in the video is again vegetable. MO is nature and she’s the milk lady. It’s clear the milk in those glasses comes from the trees above. Again, from Nature. We, as sons and daughters of Nature, should have this natural milk, as a newborn draws his basic nutrients from the maternal milk. The message is again clear: stop eating crap if you want to be healthy. Come back to what nature offers: food in its natural shape and taste. The dog in the end is a representation for the entire fauna. Animals are still feeding themselves with Nature and they’re fine, doing even better than people do, with all the diseases nowadays.




Right. Now that she’s done with “Careful what you eat!” message, Mo goes further to another message closely related to the same “Back to nature!” impulse:

“Kill technology!”



As you can easily notice, there is no modern material involved in the construction of any element of the house we live in. I am saying WE live in because it’s OUR eye that follows the characters and sees everything. If you didn’t realize by now, YOU are the kid in the video.


Anyway, we are assisting at a naturalization of the modern things a human being surrounds herself with: a wooden computer, wooden/plastic electricity wires, paper house walls, wooden camera, plastic bottles clothes, etc. Even more, Nature starts to grow and takes over the house: no doors, grass and trees growing inside its walls and so on.


The music in this video might not be as entertaining as the one in the ‘O’ video for example, but the message in the lyrics is far more expressive, not to speak of the metaphors in the imagery. Don’t forget about the message in the linked video: ‘Bling H2O”. Again, strongly connected to the wrong values of humanity. Water should be one of the things people should not pay for in this world, yet people with wrong set of values are ready to leave a stupidly large amount of money on the table for a glass of what they could easily find in a forest spring for example.

As for the kid in the video, I strongly suggest you take a look at the Nature vs. Nurture theory here. You’ll understand the entire message iamaiwhoami tries to transmit.

Recurring motifs:

- 6: 6 leaves of cabbage, 6 tomato rings, 6 wooden electricity wires

- Y: check the shape of the leek on MO

- mirror: the kid mirroring himself. Strange that now this mirror has the shape of a P. I haven’t managed to explain that yet.

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This video and song is my favourite I think. It’s just so… GOOD.

what about “t” video????? i think it’s about evolution of man, we start in the water, then we leave to earth, and then back to nature, we leave our power and back where we have born….

Was thinking of leaving this aside for a couple of weeks. You just made me see about the ‘t’ video as well. Thanks.
You have a good point of view.

I keep listening to the BOUNTY tracks and I wonder what else could they put on their first album to make it more than perfect. Music is already that good!

I generally make an effort to try to explain why they are using certain symbols, but never thought of looking at things the way you did. This might be the clearest vision upon iamami I have read, so thanks.

Delicious! :) )

I think that, metaphorically, N is about coming back to a positive system of values. Hence all the videos iamami vids link to.

Hi ^^ i think MO in this video is actually holding the orb and scepter and not just vegetables… or it is just my imagination? :p

Hey, 3! Yes, she could be the vegetarian embodiment of the Queen in T, orb, scepter and crown are present visually.

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