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- decoding iamamiwhoami – the beginnings
- A Closer Look at iamamiwhoami’s b Video
- iamamiwhoami’s o video
- u-1
- u-2
- n from Nature/Natural
- T – back in the kingdom we were Kings and Queens
- And this is Y all that’s left is Hope

- Iamamiwhoami – Sources of Inspiration
- Identity in iamamiwhoami
- An Archetypal and Mythological Approach to iamamiwhoami
- iamamiwhoami official youtube channel

Hey, speaking of archetypes and myths, huh?


So finally, we’ve been offered a real confirmation that this entire iamamiwhoami thing is real and has as final result, an artistic product.

iamamiwhoami’s first song and video. Watch it again and then follow me as I have tried to break it into pieces and explain my point of view:


There it was, a land of decay
We should pack our things and run away
Rest in the quicksand
Shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand
Sink slowly now, take flight
Let the silence take us at daylight
Take a deep breath as we go, as we go

Wanting higher
Wanting higher up
Wanting higher
‘Til the moon forces us to climb back down
I’d rather stay, I’d rather let us drown

Wanting higher
Wanting higher up
Wanting higher

What a harsh, unpleasant hello
The kind of love I’ve learned to live with although
I will never shake what’s there behind
Your songs are still playing in my mind
All that white only turns to blue
Look after me and I’ll look after you
Take a deep breath as we go, as we go

It’s quite a long road, if you’re not patient, come back another day.

First and foremost, stop saying it’s not the same campaign and it’s not the same girl. They are. Don’t fool yourself. There are symbols you encounter in all videos, including the 7th. As for the relation to the Mandragora Officinarum – which seems to have totally disappeared in the 7th, huh? – I told you guys you should look at things from a symbolical perspective. It’s the birth of an artistic product. Everything that is born into this world comes out with a shriek. Even music. It’s the artist’s effort in the act of creation.

Let’s begin. Action seems to take place into our old cabin in the forest. Hints: wooden environment – wooden walls, furniture, same color, windows offering a view towards trees, forest.

There are four characters:

1. MO

2. Three men:


After watching the videos and working frame by frame, I have come to a conclusion: to me, there are two possibilities:

Scenario #1: A mental hospice therapy room. Case in which we’re dealing with some sort of rehab facility. Again, METAPHORICALLY speaking.

1 – Mandragora is the pill. Music is the medicine. We have a doctor (at the table) and two sick men having therapy applied. Mandragora receives her patients and starts her therapy session (turns the sandals upside down) and then calms them with her music (and, by mistake, the doctor takes it too lol)


2 – Mandra is the patient, the man at the table is the therapist, the other two are male nurses. Hint: the nurse shoes and pants. Mandra is, of course, mentally disturbed. However, mentally disturbed people are very creative and sometimes, weird creativity is understood wrong, as mental deviation. Her crazy person force jacket is the plastic wrapping.


Scenario #2:
A giving birth room. Hints: cradle, cradle toys, rocking chairs.

Mandragora is – now – wearing what seems to be a fake skin. Think of a serpent losing its skin. At the beginning of the video we can see this fake skin appearing to be breaking and Mandra trying to remove it. She kinda succeeds in the pointer nail area, as she manages to scratch on the piano. To me, she is what it is supposed to be born or RE-BORN. The cradle is still empty, so she is still in the process.


LE: After having read Alraune by Hans Heinz Ewers, I have actually understood that the room in B is the room in which Alma Raune, Alraune’s mother, has been kept captive by Brinken, Frank Braun and Manasse (the three men portrayed in B in my opinion) so that they can use her for Brinken’s experiment. That is to be artificially inseminated with the semen of a hanged man and to give birth to Alraune (MO). Having this in mind, the woman in B is is The Mother. Alma Raune, a prostitute. And she’s waiting to give birth.

The video is constructed in a cyclical way. We are being introduced inside the story by a goat’s bleat (okok, cat) and we’re take out of it by the same bleat. Also, we are being given a specific time to witness (the sandals).


LE: The sandals also imply the time the men have to wait until Alraune is born. Nine months.

Re-occurring motifs:


6 buttons:

6 kitties, which may actually be just one, because in the last images, we’re being presented more, however, the cradle toy moves naturally, so it could just be a deja-vu effect. Whoa, Matrix kitty!



Speaking of cradles, take a look at the cradle toy. There must be something there. It looks like some letters or signs to me.


LE: The signs above the cradle in B are letters in elder futhark, an old runic alphabet.


The X means ‘gift’, The O means ‘the God Ing’, the P (right after X, clockwise) means ‘joy’ and the last letter (close to C or G -as I see it, after O, clockwise) means ‘luck’. Translation: the newborn (god ing) receives the gifts of joy and luck (whatever, something like that, you get the idea)
I could never make the exact of these signs. For example, my P could also be an ‘n’ (second row, second sign), which means ‘need’. Translation of the signs would be ‘god ing needs the gift of luck’. That sign could also resemble and ‘r’ (first row, fifth sign) which means ‘riding’. Translation: god ing rides the gift of luck.
Ing (Yngvi) is a name of the god Freyr, perhaps intended as Freyr’s true name while Frey ‘Lord’ is his common title. In the Ynglinga saga and in Gesta Danorum, Frey is euhemerized as a king of Sweden’ (wiki)
King of Sweden needs (receives?) the gift of luck. May the king receive the gift of luck.

Here are print screens to support everything I’ve said up to now and to help you see things you haven’t noticed:

Balsa wood tied with hair.


LE: We were given the meaning of the balsa wood tied with hair right after the infamous MTV James package. Also, after having read Hans Heinz Ewers’ Alraune, I have discovered the hair strands have meanings which are way closer to the concept iamami has been built on.

Kitty in cradle. I am telling you, the kitty is the baby and she’s just learning to ‘talk’ her own language. For now, she’s just bleating, haha!


Wall fan. I couldn’t make too much of this, apart from it being of Chinese origin, thus maybe a hint of the I Ching theory. Ooooor… we could think of fan as an admirer, DISCIPLE (tag which is often encountered in the first videos).


Other Mandra face and teeth views


PS: Jonna Lee + bandmembers + director of iamamiwhoami videos = LOVE

Here’s something interesting. And something else. 1:07 and on
Oh, and this picture from her Twitter. It must have been like hell, aye? Also thiiiiis

1:07 and on:


Opinions to support Jonna Lee or video analysis:


The men have pulled her up out of the ground using the dogs and captured her and are using her like a hallucinogenic drug. The timer is how long they can listen to her song without dying. She’s being made to perform for an audience. This bears a similarity with the mandrake root, I’m sure you all know about the mandragora screaming myth so I won’t go into that, this video refers to the mandragora’s hallucinogenic properties. The link is to the child beauty pagaent because it’s the same thing, little girls being made to perform for an audience.

- Best explanation I’ve heard today :)

Comments (31)

I would really appreciate if you gave credit to Oh No They Didn’t! Me and other users were the ones who cracked the case. I just hate that we put so much hard work into it for others to use and not give props, you know?

Thank you.

you´re right. its TOTALLY them! wow! good research!


The only place I visit regarding iamaiwhoami is their youtube channel and board. That is where I heard the hint, not a confirmation. Everything I have been researching about Jonna Lee is linked in the above. The work above, related to the video itself, is my own work.

Thank you for considering this article is worth mentioning Oh no they didn’t!


If it makes you happy and as I am open to anything, lead me towards the link that ‘cracked’ everything and I shall post it in the article. Opposite to you, I don’t make a fuss on who has discovered what. I am glad we’re at this point.

and thank you, WS! Especially for providing me with the tools to work on this :D

hey, good work!

two additional things:
1. the shot with the round mirror inside the cabin is the same as in the 6th forest- video. i do not know wether they jused used the same setting here or this is meant to be the same place. this would mean that the room really changed between the forest videos and the b video.

2. my first theory was that the men use the girl as some kind of drug. i do not think that one man necessarily has to be a doctor. i think the girl is caught in the hut. the hint here is the narcotic effect of a mandrake which might be the reason for this. the hourglass also seems to force the girl to start playing.

@Char Thank you. I think your number 2. observation is very good. Again, my assumptions are just assumptions. As I have said before, there are as many I’s as readers/listeners/viewers in this world.

Really like the drug theory.

I’ll check the mirror thing.

Well… the angle seems to be the same and I’d say the first set of walls are the same and have been used in the 6th video. But the rest, you have to agree it is computer generated.

yes in the 6th forest video there are two mirrors as i just noticed. i still think the overall similarity is quite obvious and thus has to mean something. in the 6th video the mirrors with the creatures on them together with the door seem to be about entering a new area by crossing some kind of border. given that in the b video we see several “levels” (the room the viewer is standing in, sth like a corridor and the room with the crib), i think this might be connected to several layers of meaning or being. notice that the cats are leaving the last room, not entering the first room but disappearing in what’s in between. plus: in the mirror we can see the reflection of what is looking like the rooms in front of us. maybe the viewer is supposed to stand just in the middle of something. on some border. between birth (the crib) and sth else. in short: this might be überinterpretation but i think “crossing borders” is a key theme here.

Very nice, it’s strongly connected to what I was saying in Identity in Iamamiwhoam (here http://forsakenorder.com/brain/11085/identity-in-iamamiwhoami). There are different levels of the I, different levels of the human conscious.


I like

hey….very interesting topic…I have one ideea: the black cat is usually the sign of wiches that make a pact with the devil…..sometimes the cat turns into a black goat that is why the cat in the video “talks like a goat”. the cat or goat carries out the plans of the witch or warns the witch when it sees a sign of faith/God…

Great pov, strongly connected to the entering into another world we were talking about.

Thank you, Ancaaaa!


in our literature there is a story in which a widow makes a pact with the devil and prospers in her business and casts strange spells on men so they would follow her and loose sight of time when they are around her.If they want to leave her they get dizzy and they return to her….

I remember that :D

They leave her and her cat and then meet a goat on their way, which confuses the hell out of them, they cannot find their road, so they get back to her.



yes..that…..you know that the phrase ‘for whom it may concern’ is often written by people that take their lifes and leave a note with a kind af explanation for heir act?

I don’t think that to whom it may concern has anything to do with suicide here. It’s strictly because everyone was asking who she was and she came with this proof.

@xante It must have something to do with the linked video.

@anca good point, but rather forced in this situation :D

This is what everything is about: metamorphosis.

The 7th video is amazing. Well… this is the first actually, lol

You know “b” is now available in iTunes under “iamamiwhoami” don’t you?

Yups! Of course. That’s the product they’ve been promoting, right? :) )
And there you go: the perfect ‘name’ for it.

I liked it. So much useful material. Nice interpretation.

[...] officinarum (Wikipedia) Decoding iamamiwhoami on forsakenorder.com A closer look to iamamiwhoamis b video on forsakenorder.com Who’s Behind ‘Iamamiwhoami’ Viral Clips? Not Christina [...]

[...] (Wikipedia) Mandragora officinarum (Wikipedia) Decoding iamamiwhoami on forsakenorder.com A closer look to iamamiwhoamis b video on forsakenorder.com Who’s Behind ‘Iamamiwhoami’ Viral Clips? Not Christina [...]

Nice video. They are so inspiring, and attract more viewers.

I’ve been following this for quite a long time, it’s the best mkt campaign I’ve seen in a while. It’s amazing how they managed to keep it secret. I love it!!!

I almost had a heart attack when I first saw B. Was glad to discover everything is for something that involved music. Now what I can’t explain is why somebody would invest this much in making these videos. What for? I doubt the money they make out of the project is that much… so what can it be?

I think the plastic wrapping stands for something else. You know, when you buy a new car and the seats are wrapped in plastic, not to get spoiled?

Totally agreeing with Joe Dunn here. She’s trapped and kept for a certain purpose (giving birth) and they don’t want her to get spoiled in any way.

She’s like pot. They grow it inside, to consume it.

[...] (Wikipedia) Mandragora officinarum (Wikipedia) Decoding iamamiwhoami on forsakenorder.com A closer look to iamamiwhoamis b video on forsakenorder.com Who’s Behind ‘iamamiwhoami’ Viral Clips? Not Christina [...]

i do not know if someone said that already, but i think that the plastic around her is a protection the men wrapped to make her last longer so they can use her more. Although it’s a care, she wants to take it out because it’s not “natural”. I support as well the idea that the hourglass marks how long they can listen to her without going mad.

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