T – Back in the Kingdom, We Were Kings and Queens


Motto: Back in the kingdom we were kings and queens and, oh, so strong, that God Himself could not contain us. Source


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Yes, I know it’s way late, but better now than never. I believe I let perishable pleasure take away from some of my passions. Vacation tends to make you forget about certain things.

Let’s have a look and see what iamaiwhoami’s ‘t’ video is all about:

First of all, it is clear we’re heading towards the so much commented upon BOUNTY theory, innit? So glad, so glad!

Second of all, I didn’t have time to watch the youtube channel and all the great people writing there, so this is purely an analysis of what I see in this video. Check iamamiwhoami’s channel for connections with reality.


The video is built in a cyclic manner again, but this time the circle is more evident as the conveyed meaning as well. The symbolism of duality is more prominent in ‘t’. Everything starts in water and ends in the same place. The beginning is placed in the dark and the end is set in the same place. Now… what is the sole thing that begins and ends in water and darkness? LIFE.

Moving ahead, the ocean in which the female character is caught in the first images is a womb. Check out the first few seconds and you’ll see a couple of things: the woman is naked, she is underwater, in darkness, her feet are facing forward, then she’s turning towards us, we’re are witnessing her first twitch, her first contact with the earth (still underwater, she deepens her toes into the sand), and then she gets out of the water. Just like in the process of a child being born. Life and death. Sunrise and sundown. Day and night. Light and darkness.

On the surface of the water, three items float: a scepter, a crown and an imperial orb. All signs of power.  All signs of royalty. The most precious items of a king/queen/an emperor. Some interesting things besides what all of us know about these items.

  • Imperial Crown – Check out the first words in the wiki description: Imperial Crown was also a model of car from Imperial, the luxury division of the Chrysler Corporation. Funny. When you say crown, you also understand ‘tiara’. Heading back to the pageant girls video a little?
  • Imperial Orb- A normal imperial orb also has a cross on it, symbolizing Christ’s (the cross) dominion over the world (the orb). Given the fact that we’re dealing with a cross-less orb in this video, I could only think the message we’re being given is that we’re closer and closer to living in a world without God.
  • Imperial Scepter – Usually signifies authority, but I’m more interested in its representing the axis mundi.

Foiled items. Fake royal regalia icons.

But is this really the beginning or is it the end? The moments MO gets her royal regalia items are actually spread in the entire video. She gets her crown from above. From air. She gets her orb from the earth. And she gets her sceptre from the forest. From Nature.

The way she walks is very interesting as well. At first, with baby steps. Then, with child like steps. It’s like she’s playing. Then she walks backwards and foreword again, confused. Then she walks proud, like a queen, with firm steps. Then she walks like she dances, just like Mr. Underpants did in ‘u’. The places she walks in are also important, as she recrosses through many forms of relief. She’s basically going all around the world. Clearly a sign of generalization. She stands for any human being in this world.

The motif of the mirror is still present in ‘t’, only this time it is represented by water and its power to reveal or hide certain things. To give an example more of you might find relevant in my explanation, think of the underworld as a reversed world. Maybe some of you remember one scene from the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, when they have to turn the ship upside down to get back into the real world? That’s my point. And iamiamiwhoami is no stranger to this motif. They often go in the two worlds area, check ‘b’ and ‘n’. Besides, the first lyrics of the song starts with ‘above this world’, right? Taking that into account, analyze everything as given.

The reason for which certain items are wrapped in metal foil is because they represent contracted possessions, which are perishable, thus are, in fact, not as beautiful, not as valuable, not as COLORFUL as all the things nature has to offer. Such possessions are: cars, houses, money (palpable, quantifiable) and fame, POWER, etc (impalpable). Also, to me, foil is again a representation of the mirror motif. Foil acts like an opaque mirror. It doesn’t reflect and it doesn’t let you see what is behind it. The wrapped car suggests we’re being advised not to see what is behind the foil. We’re being advised to forget about perishable values.

Where you go after death, you go naked. This is why all those wrapped signs of power remain ABOVE the water, while she dives in naked.


A backwards march, my back against
Meadows of fear, where it all began
And there’s a hunt
For the seeker who and the purest of hearts
Let the spirits be consumed

There’s a new world laid at your feet
We build an army from nothing
We raise our children to the beat
Of this comforting, bonding love

A fall went dark starting against
our ways and means,we’re not like them
I’m on a hunt to find a cure
And before I depart into the deepest hole

Behind the insecurity
There is wall of assurance
She is her own worst enemy
She fights her battles for no one

There’s a new world laid at your feet
We build an army from nothing
We raise our children to the beat
Of this comforting, bonding love

Let us sing here for a new beginning
You know that now
Water fills her lungs and she’s inhaling
You feel that now
Underneath the stars her body’s sinking
You do that now
A heavy sigh and not a sound

We had new lives to sacrifice
She makes her sin
, that turns the clock
And there’s a want for something new
my body at the stars
Where the angels look

Let us sing here for a new beginning
You know that now
Water fills her lungs and she’s inhaling
You feel that now
Underneath the stars her body’s sinking
You do that now
A heavy sigh and not a sound

Genius lyrics! Genius, I tell you! This entire iamaiwhoami concept speaks of how God gave people life, earth, values, of how people succeeded in turning everything around and lose the real meaning of all those things and of how it is time people got back to seeing and understanding those REAL MEANINGS again. MO is just a messenger and the messenger is going through the act of being alive and dieing on and on to make us understand, to make us go back to the beginnings. MO is a preaching child.

And there’s a halt
For the savior who had the purest of heart
Let this be with you soon

Her halt. iamamiwhoami’s halt. The purpose of this halt is for you to have your halt as well. Stop there for a moment and re-think your coordinates. Are you heading in the right way? As she is her worst enemy, each of us are our own enemies. She stands for us. She’s saying get out of that water/darkness, get your crown, scepter and royal collar and get out there into the Nature and walk in it. Walk into the mountains, into the forests, on lakes, into the Savannah, into the desert, get your kingdom back! Get your Holy Graal! Get your BOUNTY!

I think we’re getting closer and closer to Y. I, one, cannot wait for it!

Sorry if this has been somehow superficial. I feel there are many more things I could say about this video. But it’s hard, oh, so hard to think with so many distractions around! I swear I am my worst enemy!


I was thinking about the three signs of royalty. I could easily interpret them as portraying a human being’s mind, body and soul. She collects them from air, nature and earth. Well, the action seems to be reversed, actually, like she leaves them. So it would be like when she finishes one circle of life, she leaves her body in the ground (the orb), her mind all around in nature (the scepter) and she leaves her soul somewhere above 9the crown). In the reversed way, when she begins a new circle of life, she collects the ‘items’ again, until she’s complete (queen).

One very important thing that we should all think about is the fact that there is no cat appearing in this video. Instead, we have a slug in the beginning of T. The explanation is simple, if you think of it, and I can’t believe it took me so much to figure it out: the cat stands for domesticity, she represents the inside of a house, she represents home, while the slug, guess what? It’s homeless… ’cause it doesn’t have a shell, right? This taken into account, we could easily spot where iamamiwhoami places the action of each video. T is about the outside, it’s about freedom, it’s about not being trapped inside some human house.

I tried to explain to myself what the role of that collar she’s wearing along with the crown, scepter and orb is and the only thing that maybe would make sense is that maybe they wanted to trace once again the dichotomy body and mind. You can connect it to the Elizabethan collar in O, if you want, but here, it appears it is worn for a certain purpose: to draw an imaginary barrier between one’s head and one’s body. I immediately thought of Christianity and the way in which the Byzantine mosaics for example used to define a boundary between the immortal soul and the forsaken (!) body.

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Yeah! I’ve been waiting for you to analyse the video and I love it even more now. Thank you very much :)

By the way, did you notice that at 0:42 in Prelude you can hear the word “bounty”?

Thanks, Nico. Yeah, I did get back to the prelude video to check that goaty bounty, however, I could only get the “bow”. It’s no small thing, though :) )

HAHAHAH Mr. Underpants!

You can tell I am obsessed by iamamiwhoami by now, right? Haha! If you have had the patienece to analyze every video, I shall comment on your every article.

Yes, I noticed that, Joe! Thanks ;)

He who is in love is wise and is becoming wiser, sees newly every time he looks at the object beloved, drawing from it with his eyes and his mind those virtues which it possesses. We become kings and queens when we love.

for “t”: since 02:06 to 02:21…iam said anything else behind her voice….
can you hear it???

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