20101109 – Interrogatory


The door closes behind MO and she starts descending some spiral stairs. The spiral is very important from a symbolical point of view because I relate it to the journey into one’s own self. It’s also a gathering of imaginary circles, a tube, a tunnel, a honeycomb hole if you want (and here’s something that freaked me out!), a never ending flight downwards.

Anyway, she’s showing us five doors, as she goes down, each having almost the same exterior. Five inhabitants have made it in this apartments flat. Some of the doors have certain tags. At the end of her ‘ladder’, there’s a phone and a message. We’re able to see that the message is an e-mail from Tehills, saying she’s not able to make it and recommending ShootUpTheStation for the job.

“It is with great sadness that I will have to decline this amazing opportunity.

It is so painful to say, but I am an idiot and let my license expire, which would make obtaining a passport in this window of time utterly impossible.

I hope that the volunteer is youtube user ShootUpTheStation, he is always sweet and is massively dedicated.

All the best to [...] and every person involved, thank you for such beautiful and captivating music and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future.



So they DID do some of the videos taking into consideration what some of us, crazy people on the youtube channel blurbed about in our sad hours of loneliness waiting and waiting! And how sure was I there was something coming this Monday! Yet I fell asleep and didn’t catch it as it came, haha!

Congratulations, ShootUp! I’m sorry teh didn’t make it, but at least she’s been ubber cool and sincere about it.

Let’s see about this message. As expected, the final cut of this conversation contains a set of questions (their try to establish Shoot’s identity) and answers and boy, am I happy to see some of them really are connected to the way in which we’ve analyzed things in the past!


“Turn on your camera.”

“Yes, it’s on.”

“We have a couple of questions.”


“Do you have any diseases?”

“Er… no.”

“Do you have any allergies?” - he might be having to film with the cat and dog around and sneezing all the time wouldn’t be funny lol. Plus… all that muddy stuff…

“Err… I have little skin problems sometimes, but it’s not umm… connected to anything.” – lol @ how often Shoot is scratching during the interview!!!

“Do you suffer from any phobias?”

“Height and… and water.”

Questions about diseases, allergies and phobias are related to traveling. I’m not sure the disease and allergy questions refer to traveling in Sweden. I’m thinking somewhere else. In an exotic place where one’s disease might endanger the locals and some of the locals’ characteristics might trigger the volunteer’s allergies. I’m not sure, it’s just a feeling. Hell… A journey to Vanuatu (THE END OF THE WORLD, btw) sounds surreal, but boy… 

“What do you like to eat?”

“Ummm… I like Italian food and mostly vegetarian stuff.” – the volunteer will be sitting at the table maybe. This 6 persons meal is custom made and how nice of them to ask what his favorite are!

“What do you like to drink?”

“Oh, I drink anything: juice, water, coffee.” - poison, haha

“Do you smoke?”


Questions regarding food, drink and personal pleasures are related to the protocol of receiving a guest. It is the duty of the host to ask a guest about these things in order to make the guest feel comfortable, feel at home in the host’s country.

“What’s your favorite pet?”

“Errr…. I like cats.” - This one was funny to me because Shoot gave me the impression that he struggled between saying cats and dogs, lol! Anyway, maybe he should have picked something different from anything encountered in the iamami vids. I’m given the feeling each person sitting at that 6 plates table will come with a pet.

Before moving on, you might have noticed questions up to now were simple, usual. There’s a possibility they chose to ask Shoot simple questions in order to make sure the answers to the following ones would be sincere, as in the answers to come as natural as possible, just like the answer to… “What’s your favorite pet?”. They use this strategy with lie detectors for instance.

“Are you religious?” – Things are getting serious and towards a certain place.

“Umm… no…”

“Do you believe in evolution?”

“Mmmm… not really…” – I really think Shoot was taken over by emotions here. I mean you cannot be religious and also not believe in evolution at the same time. Plus, evolution is everywhere and iamami just showed it to you via their videos. I recommend Shoot to read a little into this :D I’m sure he did afterwards, this is an honest mistake, I would have peed my pants were I to receive this call.

“Do you believe that a single person could change the course of history?” – There are two persons who changed the course of history who are related to the two above questions: Jesus Christ and Darwin. But this is about Jesus Christ and Darwin as much as it is about any other person able to make something memorable, something that would mean as much so as to make others believe it. A he, telling his story: his-story, he-story, him-story. Therefore, a single person changing the course of his story?

“Yeah!” – That’s a good yeah there! And a good answer, that’s what they are expecting.

“Do you believe that people are ultimately good or evil?” – Question really creeped me out ’cause I just had a conversation last night with a couple of friends and helloo LOL.Anyway, this question is related to the dichotomy evil vs. good. God, I am so glad! This means quite a lot for me, please don’t judge, it’s been almost a year and I finally get some sort of freakin’ answers!

“I think they are ultimately good.” – That would be Shoot saying he’s religious deep down :P And there he goes, fidgeting, tihihi

Two major opposites in this interrogatory:

Creationism vs. Evolutionism

Good vs. Evil

The human nature is two sided.

“We need you to film your entire journey. Make sure to be wise in using memory cards and battery.” Remember, everything about iamami is a journey and dear Shoot, this will be an extreme journey for you and for us, via you. The simple message of this demand is to make Shoot use his recording stuff wisely. The journey motif has to do with the iamami concept itself. A journey of discovering one’s self. Shoot, I think you’re in for it as we speak. You might have given some answers now, but bare in mind this might be the pre-phase of your change. That is this is your initial you, we’ll see at the end of your journey how your final you looks like.


“We will pick you up at the airport…”

“yeah…?” – He’s getting excited, aye?

“See you soon.” – as far as I’m concerned, that was for me too :D

“Excuse me, I didn’t understand.” – There’s a reason for which they let this go on. This is a natural reaction of Shoot, even if he’s done very well during the interrogation sequence, despite emotions, this “I didn’t understand” came normal. You know how we always say, after watching yet another video and discussing about it and stuff that there are still millions of questions remaining, LOL?

And we’re out!

The intention of this campaign is to plant a seed in our minds. This is how parents of both religion and evolution managed to change the course of history. With iamami, we’re talking about evolution in music/art and a revolutionary artistic product. Everything we’ve been given up to now was a seed that has been planted in our brains and even deeper, in our conscious. Of course we’re not going to ever forget about iamamiwhoami!


MO definitely has a Vanuatu accent. Forget about the Swedish accent, it’s Vanuatu :) I am THAT crazy about this country’s meaning in this campaign that yesterday I read an entire online dictionary of Bislama words in order to see whether what we call ‘papachoo’ actually means anything in Bislama lol

Parts of this conversation are missing and it’s normal. For example, between Shoot’s first hello and MO’s Turn on your camera, it’s clearly she gave him other instructions. But the final message that made the video is what matters.

Regarding Vanuatu. I am not letting this go. Here’s a manic scenario: They bought Shoot a ticket to Vanuatu, for a week’s vacation. In there, they prepared him to see some really deep meaningful things and experience the art and customs. I am telling you, from what I have read, the place is pretty amazing and literally makes you feel like you’re at the beginning of everything and anything you might have seen up to now will suffer changes inside you. They make him film his journey. After the vacation is over, he’s going to Sweeden and they’re waiting for him, along with his journey footage. By the time he’s made it to Sweeden, Shoot is already a CHANGED man, via what he’s experienced. Might sound crazy but… They’re sort of waiting for him ‘at home’ if you know what I mean. Five of them might already have experienced the beginning, the archetype.

Anyways, even if he’s not sent to freakin’ Vanuatu, he’d still be undergoing a journey having the same purpose.

If you ask me, ShootUp is perfect for this journey! He has the given qualities to undergo any type of change. From the back, as I did not do any type of research in what he is concerned, he looks vulnerable. His voice tells me the same and he seems pretty young too. He looks like a container ready to receive whatever they’re giving him. ready to change and change us, the community as well, whenever he will share everything with us. What is iamamiwhoami trying to do after all? Even from the name. Establish their identity. How they are going to make us see it? By making one of us take the same road.

Other things to sustain video analysis:

The header of the e-mail looks like this:

Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2010 16:24:56 -0500

From: Hillary

Subject: Re: message; tehhils

To: tehhils@towhomitmayconcern.cc

There are a couple of things which are not necessarily normal. The Volunteer was supposed to send the requested data by 8 Oct. As far as I know, Teh was right on the spot. This means this is the second message between teh and iamami, the first from iamami being the offer. Now check the ‘from’ and the ‘to’. It’s like hills REsponded to… hills. Teh says she hasn’t got access to the @towhomitmayconcern.cc account. They surely want to say something by that me thinks. Among others, the fact that teh has now got a personalized e-mail box on the towhom website is a sign of recognition from their part.

I cannot enhance more on how intuitive the human mind is! If I told you my only dream about iamami showed me a blond haired, gorgeous faced young boy, naked from the waist up would you believe me? I had it right after the Volunteer video came up. And I always thought people saying they had iamami related dreams just talked smack (still think many did lol). Could it be possible that the team was always after a golden hair young man or is this just a fortunate coincidence?

Jonna, Claes, band members, director and fan for the table of six.

This is how Shoot’s desk looks like (under the watchful eye of sam):


An agenda to take notes, a notebook, a cardboard box and its cardboard cover and a brown envelope. Probably the package in which he got everything.

AlexDCurley: the tower of babel might be referenced by the spirals, stairs….
and “Wanting Higher”
- since they asked “Are you religious?” that’s one good analogy.

The round thing in the walls we all thought had to do with water is actually a Sopnedkast, that is a Swedish waste disposal shut.


Again, courtesy of our trusted Swedish source, puffojsan. Somebody’s symbolically throwing the garbage, aye? Here’s, for example, a metaphorical way of using it. ‘Tis for a PSA campaign:


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Hi I love your blog & read it a lot I’ve been trying to follow this whole iamamiwhoami thing to. Your insights really make me think about what’s happening. It’s refreshing to hear your views for you eloquent attention to detail. Myself, I’ve over thought about many of iams videos & songs but your insights never fail to bring something new to the table. Your amazing at writing on such an enigmatic subject & I always eagerly await your posts. Thanks for all your efforts, they are greatly appreciated by me. I always post the share link of your blog around & others love you to.

[comment temporarily removed by admin]

Ty very much, Peppermint! :D

Eric, I will let you know.

I really like your blog and i really appreciate the excellent quality analysis of what iamamiwhoami is up to now. It’s such a pity they’re taking so long to reenact what used to be in terms of rush. I am a silent waiter nevertheless and I look forward for their new stuff.

Cheers, Rente! We are all waiting silently atm ;)

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