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I can see everybody was excited about the Olympics this year. Some won, some didn’t, many did absolutely great. The participation only can bring a sportsman a good load of cash in his pockets, especially if his face, bottom, breasts, hands are very well known and… appreciated.

Brands are not looking at money when it comes to empathizing with the consumer, and throw in impressive amounts on executions of all kinds. So here’s mADster provoking your Olympic spirit with a selection of good (more or less actually) quality prints that have been made famous during this year’s games. You’ll love some, you’ll probably hate others. But I bet you haven’t seen most of these ads!

Not good enough for Beijing series. Make sure you notice the names on the left. Good idea, unfortunately not everybody can make the necessary analogies. But a good general idea.

Adidas series. Clean images, good choice of representative persona. But not very original from the point of view of the construction. Adidas has done this before, with other prints. I just love this forever Impossible is nothing and I also like the description with every ad. It’s like several definitions for GOLD and what GOLD represents for various people. Love the ending formula GOLD IS NEVER GIVEN. True!

Amnesty International series. I like these ones the most because they aim to their targets by using the concept of the opposite in order to shock. You already are aware of the conflict in Tibet. The root of these ads.

Yes, I know the images are disturbing ones, but you tell me…which of all these ads are stuck in your head after reading this article?

Yes, I thought so…

Until next time!

Comments (5)

Wow. I’m surprised you don’t like the adidas ones that much. I really really like the descriptions. But you are right with the last ones. Did you see that amendment in the second one…. My god…

Good! Very good!
I think they’re all good, each in its way. Even the adidas ones. It’s true they’ve used the construction before, but I believe this is what gives consistency to a brand. I’m loving the descriptions too.
Amnesty International is more of a campaign actually, right?
Not good enough for Beijing… rather charming. I like the boost of originality.


Which ones, Glen, the last ones?

Thanks, boys and girls :) )
@ Britta: it’s because it is more of a campaign, like Dariana said. I didn’t say I don’t like the adidas, on the contrary. I just said I’ve seen the basic concept with them before.
@Dariana: thanks for the pertinent observations.

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