Women in Advertising


I have to admit I love women in any type of commercial or print! They tend to do a better job that male subjects. Women occupy a central role in advertising, and they are used mainly:

1. As an illustration of the product, especially if women themselves are targets of advertising. For instance, a woman shows an advertisement for a vacuum cleaner or a washing machine because they are considered to be the traditional stereotypes of the consumers of these products. They can also illustrate an advertisement for a perfume, clothing, or of a car, as they are using such products and consumer target is supposed to identify with these women, or identify with these models.

For some products such as perfumes, clothing, accessories, advertising plays on the ambiguity of the true recipient of the product: is it women who are the consumers, or is it the men who are the “indirect” target that women must seduce?

2. In association with the product. The link between the product and the female is not clearly explained, but the image of the woman is used as a hook-pictorial, as an instrument of provocation. The aim is to draw attention to the product, but not necessarily to identify the female character with the product. The woman is often represented as an object of fantasy, especially sexual, fueled by allusions. The target of advertising is both men and women because the imaginary eroticization of advertising is based on the dynamics of desire and seduction, which interact with both sexes. The entire advertising vehicle is a kind of traditional patriarchal propaganda that seems to exist outside of changing legal and social relationships between men and women.

Sexism in advertising

If racism is a form of discrimination based on the perception of racial difference, sexism, in turn, represents discrimination against the other sex, the latter being denied equality or dignity of general stereotypes that award this sex.

In advertising, women are most commonly affected by sexism. They are often represented idealized (as top-models) or degraded (as prostitutes), their intellectual capacities are often denied and the female body is reduced to an instrument of seduction or an object of desire.

Advertisers are aware of the evolution of ideas, behaviors and attitudes. In fact, advertising wants to believe that it is participating in this evolution, or is at its origin. Since the main purpose of advertising is to cause, hang the public, the ads will seek to exploit, use, or mock socio-cultural themes, especially the social status of women and the feminist movement. This strategy is relatively new and it derives largely from the growing criticism made against advertising.

Hope I didn’t offend the female readers of this blog. After all, I’m doing this for you all and I’ve already declared my love towards you!

Until next time!

Comments (3)

Very interesting and mostly true. I do think that advertisers use women to sell to men and women. but it really boils down to the nature of Male vs Female relationship. Basic instincts and such….not racism or sexism….the women that get hired by advertisers are not complaining.

the power of sexuality…..has always existed and always will.


Thank you, Glen!

Sexism IS discriminatory no matter what. I understand your point, especially that no one is complaining :) )

How comes my comment is being moderated? On my own post? Hilarious! What did I do?

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