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I love my girlfriend’s Skins! And I’m not referring at her skin – I love that MORE – but at her jogging and fitness apparel. She runs beside me and, while I end up soaking wet after 5 miles, she’s clean and fresh. I had to know what her secret was: antiperspirant, a special body lotion, what waaaaaaaaas it?

It’s my new SKINS SHE, she answered. I’m defying genetics apparently. Defying genetics? Hmmmm… So, inquisitive as I am, I had to see it for myself. How can she defy perspiration? I tried EVERYTHING! I mean it! Until I decided to run bare chested, at least I won’t see my damn t-shirt all wet! Just my shorts… pfff! And I found two prints that matched my requiery:

Don’t play the cards you’ve been dealt.
Wear Skins™ She. The unique gradient compression enhances
muscle oxygenation, increasing power, stamina and speed.
It also helps eliminate lactic acid and prevent fluid retention,
so you can bring even the most rebellious body into line.
Enjoy giving fate the finger.

I think they’re very well done and they convey in a good way the meaning of the entire SKINS concept. And I absolutely love the Enjoy giving fate the finger they have on their official website! The print version is a little milder, haha!

Anyway, while I am  enjoying myself these women kicking the hell out of previous versions of themselves, I have to say the prints remind me of the Adidas Olympics ones.

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