Not Afraid of What’s Coming


Things are getting better.

See… with life, it’s always a matter of choosing the right path and avoiding the wrong path. But, in my opinion, there’s no such thing as wrong path. There’s only right paths and the space in between them. A right path is just like a tunnel, the in between right paths is emptiness, a space of continuous wandering, but also a space for a new chance to get on a right path again. The right path could be a closed tunnel, or an open tunnel. There are few closed tunnels and there are a lot of open ones. Some of the open tunnels have more than one extra-exits so you have more than one chances to get back in a tunnel from various points of the in-between space.

Sometimes, you can’t really tell whether you’re outside or inside the tunnel so, when you’re in front of a tunnel hole, you don’t know whether it is an entrance or an exit. The only way to find out it’s to pass through it. The two things that can happen are: you actually enter a tunnel, which means you’re on a good road, or you actually exit a tunnel, which means you’re in the in-between space, searching for another tunnel hole, therefore you’re on your way towards a good road. So the final result is always a right path, all you have to do is to have the courage to MOVE.

Hoping that at least ONE person reading this point understands me, I wish you all the best things in the world!

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Dariana, are you OK? This post makes me think you are down.

I think that our destiny is our path with good and bad, and no one knows but God.

But in bad times, when we reach them (we all do), we will move on to the good by doing good things with friends and family next to us. They are the ones who will always pick us up when we fall, and next time we have to learn what went wrong so we dont do it second time, you know, learn from mistakes.

Sometimes when we see others happy when we are not, we get jealous, but we need to move beyond that and be happy for them and God will give us back even more hapiness, for after the rain, the sun always comes out.

So smile and be happy, life is to beautifull to waste it by lingering in the “spaces between the paths” as you say.
God never hits us with a piece of wood, but our mistakes and bad choices always get back to us, so do not be upset in “the spaces between the paths” or not knowing witch tunnel to go in, just let happiness guide you, and you will see that all of life will be much better and there will be fewer “spaces between the paths”.

Thanks so much for joining me again, eaglefly.
I would actually have to say this is a POSITIVE post. I am down, you are right, I just quit the job I had, I’m about to leave some people I really care about not because of their fault, but because the system’s fault.
This post is destined to give me a boost. If you read carefully, I’m actually saying there’s a way towards light from wherever you are: if you’re in the fortunate tunnel or in the confusing in betweens. I’m also saying that “in-betweens” should not be so scary and that they are transitory periods which, with the help of God, family and friends, are easy to overcome.
It’s just that I have this way of expressing myself which is rather encrypting and might get people confused. I am quite a positive person :)
Thanks again for the kind words and pieces of advice.

The post has also something to do with taking important decisions, even if these decisions are scary as hell or might hurt. That’s what I’m referring at when I say “You must have the courage to MOVE”

You might say its a positive post, and it may be be, but courage to move on is in each of us and is not so important. But i wonder if all you say is the truth or you just hide from reality and talk like a strong woman who always does what she wants and never gets hurt, when in fact maybe u got fired. Even if you choose a bad path and screw all only thinking at yourself, you will get back on good path all the time, no matter who you hurt. Well, its a good post as you say, even if it don’t look like one.

I quit my job. My words just sound too dramatic because I want them to sound like that. If I would have been fired, I would have said so. I’m feeling you’re calling me a liar and I don’t like that.
You might have gotten the wrong impression on me. I’m too old to act in a childish way. I own this blog and I can’t afford the luxury of being something I am not.
I might even recommend you read some of my oldest postings, of course, with the friendly recommendation of distinguishing carefully among personal things and the other things which are purely entertaining.
Do you think you can share your age with me? I’m feeling an exaggerated parental kind of preoccupation, the kind of thing where you are being told everything is alright, but you don’t believe it just because you like being preoccupied with something.

” You might say its a positive post, and it may be be, but courage to move on is in each of us and is not so important.” – I would like my other visitors to concur or disagree with this post being positive. Also, the phrase got me so confused… I’m sure you read me between the lines.

Sorry….it seems you are really mad. I am 33, 34 soon, and I am not a father or pretend to be. Why are you mad? A blog is to share opinions, nothing else, so no need to get pissed. I have read your others posts, and in all personal posts you seem to be always the right one, YOU dumped your b/f, YOU quit your job etc etc etc.. Sorry if I made you mad, (dunno why in fact) and I dont call you a liar, no way.

BTW, in one post you saied you have never been a liar since you were child, but in another you saied that you lied that you are sick when you weren’t just to stay home or something.

But anyway we were talking about what you post, I didn’t wnat to make you so mad. If you like, from now on I will agree with all you say if this makes you happy I just guess its that you cant stand someone else saying other views of your thoughts or disagree at their meaning.

Sorry, Mike

Oh, gawd!…here we go again…

If you’re referring to the Damion post, that was NOT my boyfriend. Just an encounter. See that’s what happens when you rush into forming ideas about someone. You don’t know the least of me even if you say you read some things I wrote.
It’s childish to compare lying about a thing like this, especially when this post is clearly serious, with lying about being sick, especially when you don’t take into consideration circumstances and moods. You don’t have to give me fast answers to prove me anything. So take your time not to make me even madder.
I am mad because you didn’t understand a thing of me, yet you speak of me as proclaiming myself as being the centre of this world, on MY blog, in front of MY readers, it’s MY right to ask for explanations. And don’t give me the “see? I told you it was all about you” thing because I have a purpose for speaking like that.
What are you? The embodiment of happiness and joy? You did catch me angry today, indeed, but let me just say you’re as bothered about my opinions as I am about yours. You’re free to say whatever you want, don’t give me the “I will agree with you if you want that”. It’s childish… It’s actually a man thing, but I wont get started on that.
But you haven’t understood ANYTHING of THIS post… how in the world can I expect you to understand my thoughts?

Oh… and what happened in your past that you’re so against women being strong and confident individuals?

Dari, it’s men in general…they can only handle fluzzy, big boobs-small brained ones…lol

I doubt Mike is a big-boobs minded guy. Just shallow one with great ideas wannabes.

Not paying attention to the context is disrespectful.

Hey, I am calm, I don’t give a fig.

Oh, Lord…I just love our blog these days…so ‘interesting.’ :D

I’m in the mood for love… love is the answer… love is the cure…

It’s MY blog because it’s all about ME.

but you’re smart and you get me ;)

Heeey…and ME!! :P

Is there any room for ME too?

Manca-ti-as gura, fatuca, asta-i talamb rau!

Have fun and all, I’m here to watch.

lol…I know u like to ‘watch’, Drojdie… :P

Again I’m sorry that I pissed you, all I did is say my opinion at your post. I might not be your friend to agree with you, but no need to get so pissed all the time.

:) )
Let me be the judge of my friends.
I just realized the difference of cultures is what makes you understand things differently from the way I understand them.

Also, don’t be a judge, have fun when it’s the case… you forgot about the circumstances with the MC post. It’s way funnier to the reader if I say the dude had a hairy ass as my bf. Do you really think I would have a hairy ass bf? But this what happens when you rush into… oh… already said that.
Sooo… do you have a blog? Or a place you write anything you hold in your head…

Seriously, no hard feelings and I’m as chill as I can be, just feeling good after quitting my job. Because the payment was low and I have better perspectives… not that you needed to know that, but that can actually happen… and I’m not going there either…

The woman in your past thing was a mean thing to say, just because I’m mean… you know.

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