One Hand Washes the Other


…or something like “I know a very compromising thing about you and you know a very compromising thing about me, we’re best pals now”. Did this ever happen to you? OMG, I’m laughing a lot right now.

The thing is that I knew something about a quite important person who works in the same building as me, but his (’cause it’s a man, yeah) position is higher than mine. We happened to go to the same party and he got drunk as hell and made a fool out of himself all night. Of course, the next day he could barely look into my eyes and we do meet at least thrice during one day. So I was like “You know, sir, I could ask for a big favor one day and you’ll have to grant me that favor because I know something about you”. He was smiling and always saying “Yes, you’re right…what can I say, you’re right”.

And what happens today? I was doing my thing in my office when the dude enters. I got up the chair…at least I thought I did, because I freakin’ stumbled and fell, on my butt, feet up high, chair down and all LOL. You know what happened, right? He laughed his ass off and said: “Well, I guess we’re even now, I know something about you too, and you won’t like other people to know about it either.”

He’s right…what can I say? He’s right!

Comments (6)

LOL…embarrassing!!! And yes, it happened to me, of course, I think it happens to all of us. I’m not going to tell you about my experience because it’s gross…it involves bad air :) )

Hahahaaa…he got off kinda cheap there! I wouldn’t care if I fell like that (unless I have a skirt, of course)…it’s not as compromising as his little ‘affair’ ;) I would have been like: go ahead, tell anyone…boo-hoo! At least that’s an innocent accident that could happen to anyone, where urs…a-ha, I don’t think so…unless u’r an idiot and don’t know how to control urself although u’r a grown-up. Yeah, baby!

:) ) you evil evil extra-evil brat!

Moahahaha (add Dr. Evil’s finger there) ;)

She’s right, your secret is bogus, his secret is compromising :) ) Especially that he’s on a higher position. I’d still use it heheheh!!!

Hihihihi….this happened to me once, I was wearing a skirt. Oh, the shame!!!! But still, not as embarrassing as making a fool of yourself in front of your subordinates :)

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