Friday 13. February. HB!


Right, we finally got to February 13th. is officially one year old today! Weeee! It’s been nice, we made a lot of friends, we had funny, we had sad, we had personal, we had a lot. Personally, I feel good about it, I can do ten times better, ten times more but it’s not always up to me.

I’ll let this post be the only one to appear today. Please excuse any spam that made it pass my spam guard. I shall be in Bucharest with very important business to take care of. I’m not superstitious, so I hope 13 does it good for me. ‘Cause I need it! I have no idea when I’ll be back so try to behave while I’m gone.

See ya!

Comments (4)

yay happy :D hopefully more to come, gl on yer first date :) )


@ Claudel: hum? didn’t get the second part… then again, I’m not really myself these days. Develop if you like.
@Glen: thanks, buddy, please say hello to Phoenix for me, I’m in no position to enter the room anytime soon.


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