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So let’s see what makes the news and the big fuss these days…in this world of starving and sick people in one country, people worried about rising prices (cost of living) and job loss in other, poverty in other, war in other, and so forth…

1- Jennifer Aniston is fuckin’ John Mayer…umm…OKAY?! I couldn’t find a better pair even if I looked on 3 continents. Weird, yucky and stupid…great ‘ansamble.’

2- ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ video game is out (graded 10 – that apparently didn’t happen to any game in the past 10 yrs – that I know from a certain ‘man’). Men are freakin’ out! That’s right, I said ‘MEN.’ I’m not even sure I used the correct word – I mean how do you call a person that is almost 30 (and up) and still plays video games? He’s a man age wise, but brain wise…myeah…No wonder I’m still single – I’m living in a society where boys don’t become men until they’re 50 or so. Oh boy! There are some tough times waiting…

3- Miley Cyrus posed in a bra then almost nude…WHAT A FUSS!!! WTF!? What’s the big deal? So she started a little earlier than usual -15. What can you expect from a bratty American/Hollywood daddy’s girl? Oh, and the good part – daddy and mommy were there at the photoshoot. That goes to show what a screwed up society I live in…great role models for the kids today.

-to be continued…

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Comments (6)

I don’t understand what’s the big fuss around Miley Cyrius either. There have been other rich girls as well, but this is too big of a fuss.

She’s 15, that’s why and children look at her as to amodel, she should not pose for Vanity Fair, not until 18 at least, not to mention posing semi nude, portraying sexuality like that. That’s the big fuss!

Jennifer Aniston cu Mayer? Lol…exact ca nuca-n parete! Not a good match! I thought Jennifer was smarter! I would never date a guy who previously dated Jessica Simpson! Hahaha!

Dear Aleera, video games are taught from father to son in that country!!! It’s absolutely embarrassing to do that at 30. I’m not saying one should not play from time to time but to forget themselves on a damn couch…
PS: you had to say something about this…you just had to say it! LOL

I give Miley one year until she does something very stupid like DUI or crack! :P

I always thought John Mayer was alright until I saw those horrendous tattoos on him! It’s like seeing Elton John’s body all tattooed :)

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