Heath Ledger Nominated for the Oscars?


Category : Celebrity Nonsense

The absolutely amazing interpretation of Joker by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight had impressed all the professionals and the public, and is considered a true revelation! Well no kidding? I told you this so many times, dooh!

Indeed, Heath, who died shortly before the release of the film, was compared to James Dean because of his tragic fate and his real gift of interpretation. Therefore, Warner studios are fighting at this time for the actor to be nominated for this year’s Oscars !

It would not be the first time in the history of the Academy Awards that an actor is nominated posthumously, since James Dean was nominated twice, and Peter Finch (who died in January 1977), nominated for best leading role in “Network, Main Low on television “, won the Oscar in March of that year. So I think Heath has all the chances in the world to get it. AND HE WILL, damn it! Such a recognition would become the highest tribute we could offer to the amazing Heath Ledger … Do you hear me?

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