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Here’s What I Got Out from the Boys!


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Hey, girls! I told you I had fun this short holiday, right? I particularly enjoyed the time I spent with some of my male friends because I found a lot of interesting things about them, about how they perceive us, about what they think we should be doing and so on. Today, I’m going to share with you what some of the turnoffs for the boys related to the girls are. Please note that I am not talking in terms of woman vs. man, but in terms of girl vs. boy. You’ll understand.

Numero uno in the list of boyish turnoff is… bad breath. I believe that five out of six machos said that bad breath makes the top of their list of the things that turn them off. Honestly, that’s on the top of my list as well.

I was talking to a short guy, looking somewhat like 14 rather than what he declared (19… hyeah) and he said: “You know what turns me off the most? When girls laugh at everything you say.” Of course I started laughing! He’s foken right! It’s so damn ridiculous!!! It’s like

  • “Heeey, what’s up? :wink:
  • “hahaha, oh, hahaha, you’re so funny!”

No, he’s not!

Oh, speaking of that, the next thing that turns boys off, apparently, is when a girl talks too much. Wait… did I say “apparently”? Lol! Diddoooo!!! A guy which we will call… Alex… confessed to me “I swear I had this girl who would call me at five o’clock in the morning (<<OMG, I know it’s five in the morning, but I can’t sleep. Guess what happened to me today?>>) … talk to me for half an hour (<<And then she said that… and then I went to… and then… and then>>… and yell at me because I hung up the phone the night before (<<OMG, did you just hung up on me????>>) . Fuck, woman! I need to get some sleep!”.

Niiiiexttt in line: “I simply hate it when you girls can’t make up your damn mind. You just don’t realize how hard it is for us to keep pace with you when you can’t make up your mind. It’s like <<So, where do you wanna go today?>> << Oh, I know, let’s go play pool! No, wait, let’s go eat at KFC’s. No, wait, let’s go see a movie!>> FFS, we’re simple creatures, how many things can you ask at once?”

Mr. T says that one of the biggest turn offs for him is when a girl has bitchy ass friends who judge him for everything he does and spill all sorts of poisons in his girl’s ears: <<OMG, did you see what clothes he wears? OMG, did he get them from the second hand store? OMG, girl, whatever, he gave me that look! OMG, girl, on a scale from 1 to ten: eeeewww!>> and so on and so forth…

“You know what else is a big turn off?” says B. “When you’re walking on the street and you see this cute girl and she smiles at you and you go crazy… and then she lifts her arms and… oh, man!  Shave your armpits, girl! That is disgusting!”

Yeh, no shit? I agree!

Surprisingly (not really!), one of my interviewees said that he gets turned off when a girl gets too sexual. And I agree to that to be honest. There’s no nastier thing than a skanky attitude!

  • Boy: “So… this is a pretty cool first date”
  • Girl: “It is pretty cool. It’s actually pretty cold in here, my nipples are so hard they could cut glass!”
  • “Ummm… yeah… Ummm… do you wanna go see a movie or something?”
  • “If by movie you mean your hot body soaked in oil slapped across my face, then yes”
  • “Errrr… I was actually thinking more of like a movie… like in a movie theater… “
  • “If by movie theater you mean me, butt ass naked, with my ankles behind your ears, then yes, I wanna go to a movie theater. “
  • “Right… how about we should just eat?”
  • “Sounds good if you wanna eat my pu…”
  • “Check!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Haha! LOL!  So… if you’re a guy… what turns you off in a girl? And, if you’re a girl… what turns YOU off in a guy? I have my own turn offs myself, maybe I’ll share them with you some time soon…

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