How to Advertise Perfumes


Category : Ad'Or

The Perfume – what is it?

In its concentrated form, the perfume is a liquid, but what distinguishes it from other liquids, is that when evaporates, when it is broadcast or when it is applied to the skin, it becomes a fragrance, i.e. a bouquet of the most pleasant odor.

The perfume has a certain materiality, since it is a liquid, but its true nature, the fragrance, is absolutely immaterial: unable to enter, or even see, the fragrance is identifiable by the sense of smell, or otherwise that smell.

So how to advertise a perfume, since the means of advertising are primarily visual or auditory (newspapers, magazines, posters, radio, television and so on.)? Of course, it is possible to distribute samples, but it is expensive medium or low circulation.

Just like in real life, the identity of an entity is gained by the act of embodying, naming, shaping and differentiating.

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