The Ship was Sinking, We Were Drinking


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This is Josiah Leming, ex American Idol contestant. He did good until last week. My opinion is that he’s good enough to make it on his own. He’s a combination of Coldplay, Keane and Snow Patrol. Small guy with fake British accent. I like the lyrics…a lot! Music and lyrics by him…nice, huh?

The ship was sinking; we were drinking, singing one last song,
Casting our gold into the ocean.
You grabbed a bucket, started screaming, “Come on, come on”,
Trying to slow the downward motion.
Back in the kingdom, we were kings and queens and Oh, so strong
That God himself could not contain us.
We never thought we’d be the shorter half of sword and gun.
Now god himself could never save us.

Waves of silver, waves of gold
Are coming now to take me,
To separate my body from my soul
And Jesus leaves or takes me.
Hopes of heaven, fears of hell
Tell me, what’s the chance I’ll make it.
All my other plans have failed,
And all this time I’ve faked it.

We started sinking, drinking water from the open sea
Losing our bodies to the ocean.
You grabbed my hand and started screaming, “rescue me”
Together fight the downward motion.
Back in the kingdom we were kings and queens and Oh, so strong
That god himself just had to show us.
We never thought we’d see the colder side of land and sea
But he’s the only one who knows us.

And good luck to him I guess

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