LMFAO at My Mom!!!


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See my mom is this little cute lady with a friendly face and smile who is always and I mean ALWAYS ready to help others. In order for you to understand what ALWAYS means, just know that she helps you even when you don’t need it or you don’t WANT it. LOL!

She’s a teacher and she’s up to date with everything concerning this subject. Hot topics, how to’s and stuff like that. She one of those persons everybody comes for help, even her colleagues and she’s one of those persons GULLIBLE enough to help everybody. I’m not saying she shouldn’t, I’m saying shouldn’t allow people to take advantage of her like that.

She’s also some sort of a small genius.

Aaaaaanyway, she comes home today with a long face, enters my room and says something like “I’m in trouble…” I’m like “What? Why?”

“Well, you see, Mrs. P. is retiring and she asked me whether I could write her speech for her, you know, like a couple of words she should say in front of everybody.”

“SHE’s retiring and she’s asking YOU to write her speech? I’m sorry, who owns the greater experience in this situation?”

“Mwell, yeah, I know, but she asked me nicely and you know how I can’t say no…”

“Alright, fine! So do it. You’re smart enough.”

“Yeah, I can do it, no problem but…”

“Well, what’s the problem?”

“Well… you see, one of the young girls, Alice, she’s supposed to hold a speech in Mrs. P’s honor…”

“Mhmmmm… aaaaaand??????”

“See… she came to me today and she asked me whether I could write her speech as well!”

At this moment I burst into laughter. “Is there anyone ELSE wanting you to write a speech for them?”

“Ummm… yeah… There’s the Principal… ”

At this moment I was under the desk.

Of course, around two hours later, mom was on the phone for another hour, DICTATING speeches to people.

Of Mind and Soul


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…and some paint and some brushes and some old hair comb.

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