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Hey, don’t mind the previous post, this s*it happens a lot when you go out with people for a pint of boiled wine… Wine makes you feel funny and think funny. But I will leave it there because it is part of me. Anyway, back to our sheep!

Can you imagine a town of almost 150.000 – 200.000 people having no cinema in the last couple of years? I can’t… There used to be three cinemas in my city, two of them disappeared around ten-fifteen years ago, and the last one… well… the last one looked so sad lately no one would even go in.

I used to go to the cinema every week. It didn’t matter what movie they had. Every week, I would be there, popcorn, juice and date/friends beside me. I loved the feeling of being in a big room with a big screen and loud sound… I loved the feeling of almost being in that movie I was watching. Sure… I also loved the things I did in the dark. Don’t think stupid, you’re better than that, wink!

Do you remember, girl, when we went to see the freaking Titanic? We ran from school and we could barely find seats for that friggin’ movie! Big deal! Remember how all our row was crying the hell out of them and I was like “Oh, there’s another one plunging into water… holy shit, he’s gonna get crushed by the towers! You stupid idiot, turn around, you’re gonna get kil… ah, damn, I told you you’re gonna die! Splash! Another one… weeeeeeeeee!” I really thought I was gonna get a good beating that day!

So during the past two years, we practically had no cinema. I wasn’t bothered very much, I started borrowing dvds from friends, then stealing movies online. Meh… like you never did that! Anyway, it was just that feeling I was missing. The big room, the big screen, the loud sound, the popcorn and juice, the fighting over the best seats (”Dude, I am telling you, I got H35, don’t make me get the ticket… you can sit right over there, wtf, are you fighting over a seat, the foken movie starts in a minute… SIT DOWN ffs!”), the commercial at the beginning, the date, the buddies… the entire package.

Tonight, I went to the movies with a friend at the city’s new cinema. Ooooh yes, you heard me well: new cinema in town! I won’t go into details and explain how awesome it looks both on the inside and the outside… We saw New in Town (something like that, don’t make me Google now…), with Renee Zellweger, not because we necessary wanted to, but because that was the closest one when we arrived.Typical romance pattern, but one absolutely funny moment in which I nearly crawled on the floor laughing, no kidding!

And to prove the atmosphere is a swell one, we’re going to see the Valkyrie thing tomorrow evening. Just to test whether history maintains itself or not. You know… Take that for a good new cinema city, aye?


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Category : Food for Thought

I just arrived home.
Sitting in front of this damn computer.
Thinking of how wonderful love is.
And how much I would like to give it another chance.
Were I as strong as a movie character.

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