At 12:01 Swedish time we ACT IN CONCERT on the wish to evolve. We will present you with a plausible path available for 6 hours on. It is what it is.

So yes. Careful where you pause over there when you read MO’s message! This is the message that, in the context of this mkt campaign – is supposed to shatter all possible beliefs we might have built about this concept. Its purpose is to stir and to raise climax before whatever actually happens.

Take those words and repeat them in your mind, thinking both of a good and evil finale. You’ll see,it makes sense.

To act in concert is, as I was mentioning before, to act together in harmony, to synchronize views.

To present - as different from to give, is to offer.

That plausible path (if that is a plausible and not a possible) refers to a path which has the power to persuade. That is to produce changes. They must be referring at art’s power to produce changes in the human mind and soul, be they negative or positive. It is what it is. The finale is what you make it, the way YOU look at it.

Plausible also implies the fact that they are somewhat sure this might be a path that works for some viewers. The fact that they’re saying it’s plausible means that is has been tested and it has been successful in at least one case :)

It is what it is - It’s happened. There is nothing that can be done about it. – that last part could mean that the decision on what’s being given is not taken by us, but possibly by the volunteer and it has taken place.

The fact that I know for sure that iamamiwhoami respects their fans prevents me from looking at them in any other way than I did up to now after this message. A positive way. This cannot be about joining  anything else than a musical current/movement.

Just focus on whatever is coming, after all… there’s nothing out there to make choices for you, right? Even if it’s a new ARG website, a labyrinth-like navigation option, there is still an end to it, a possible solution :)

Path is given on towhom.cc. From there, we’ll just have to see.

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